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Aka Star
Hihi! You can call me Star (he/him) and a friend showed me SRB2 for the first time around a year ago. Only after I discovered Kart three months ago I started getting more involved, and it has become one of my favorite games ever!

Nice to meet you all!


Hey. My name is Cutedy. I started to play SRB2 around 2015 or 2016, or idk. I'm a Sonic fan too and one of my favorite game would be SRB2. However, I don't enjoy Kart as much because I'm a noob at it. Nice to meet y'all!


Chaos Control into the game
Hello everyone! Names AxelHedgie but everyone can call me Axel if you want. I've been playing SRB2 since 2.0.7. I've been a Sonic fan since 2004 and I still continue to be a fan to this day. I'm hoping that I could one day help contribute myself to any project this community creates!


Proud Rapa-Nui Friends Fan
Greetings, people. Some of you may know me.

Ganbare-Lucifer, Huge Modder known to participate on MUGEN, MM8BDM, Doom Moddings, Super Mario War, SMBX, Puyo Puyo VS and many others.


A Sonic and Puyo Fan
Hello, I am known as aa479758 on the internet.

My Real Life name is Ahmad Abdullah.

I first knew about Sonic Robo Blast 2 from a video called Srb2 Unleashed. It looked pretty cool since I liked Sonic so I searched up Srb2 to see where I could play it.

I started when the game version was during early 2.1. But I started with the Final Demo first, then I worked my way up to 2.0 and eventually played 2.1 from there.
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Yo, my name is FaZe_StarSpyPlayer4 but you can just call me FaZe.
I started playing srb2 this year and to my suprise, not only do i have a bunch of rare mods, but its also really REALLY fun! I'm glad to basically be here

Also, Im a beginning modder for srb2 too.


Hey, everyone! I'm Celest from Sonic Paradox, and I felt now may be a good time to stop lurking and actually join the community! Been playing SRB2 since 2004, and was super excited to see the changes that 2.2 is rolling out! Who knows, maybe I'll try and make some stuff for the game!


Hello, everyone! I'm Pico, and I'm a fairly new member in this community. I've played SRB2 since 2017, and I really enjoyed the new 2.2 update. I'm always looking forward to seeing what the community has in store for us.


Hi, I've been watching people play SRB2 for about a year, and with update 2.2 I decided I should finally get the game.


The unreliable judge
Welcome to the forums, everyone who's come in since 2.2's release!

Hey, everyone! I'm Celest from Sonic Paradox, and I felt now may be a good time to stop lurking and actually join the community! Been playing SRB2 since 2004, and was super excited to see the changes that 2.2 is rolling out! Who knows, maybe I'll try and make some stuff for the game!
I found your comic you mentioned there in your signature and I read through it an issue at a time over the past few days. It's pretty good, thanks for having the link there.
Hi, I'm Scorpius! I've been playing SRB2 since one of the later 2.1 updates, and I'm really enjoying 2.2!

Just joined the forums, and I hope that I can find something to make to post here!


Some girl who makes stuff every few years.

Hello. My name is Spektra, but people call me Spek most of the time. I am the founder of an unofficial company called: ElektriX Studios.
I am a female animator from somewhere in the known universe.
I am an SRB2 Speed-runner. I have been here (and by that, I mean Looking w/out an account) for about a month, been playing the game since the day that SRB2 V2.2 Came out.

I don't have any particular favorite game franchise.

I'm Working on my own game. (not related to Sonic).
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Hi , I'm CentyLox and I have 18 years old. I'm playing this game from when I was 8 years old huh :) , before having internet someone just bring to me a CD with a lot of games , and there it was ver 1.09.4[emoji28][emoji28].
In 2011 I had over 3gb of mods and stuff for 2.0 and 1.09.4 . Most likely I enjoyed this game for these 3 mods : Eggmanway5 , Mystic Realm and Tortured Planet
Today I'm still enjoying this game like in the old days huh

Trimis de pe al meu SM-G960F folosind ********


Hello my name's DarkyBenji/DyBenji, i'm a french guy but you can call me Darky or Benji, aslong that i know you're talking to me.

Played SRB2Kart since june 2019, i am part of the Kart Krew community, tested the original srb2 2.1 before 2.2 come and loved it!
i decided to join the forum because i plan to do addons for srb2kart.

now, outside srb2, i do some drawing and making mods i want (like Sonic Adventure 2 Mods: Blazy Mix or Chao World Extended)

i like black color (if you call it a color) but deep inside i'm not Edgy the hedgy
and yeah that's all i gotta say, nice to meet yall!

The Real Inferno

Blazing Fan
Hello there, I'm Inferno. I'm 14 at the time of writing this.
I've known of SRB2 for a while now, but I just recently joined after the 2.2 update came around.
After playing through the main campaign and unlocking all unlockable characters, I have joined here.
I'm currently looking into the modding scene of this game with decent results so far.
Outside of SRB2, I've also been modifying Sonic 1 recently, and I generally am interested in beta content.
Nice to meet y'all, and I hope you all have a good day whenever you read this.


Hi my nickname is Gomiken and i consider myself a veteran player. I've been playing since v1.09.4.

I'm trying my best with my english xD, that's why I've never wrote before in this forum. I'm so glad to play this game, i love it and its community

Pretty well job making this game and addons. I've personally enjoyed it very much.

By the way, i'm trying to get all emblems. I have 184/200 now and i'm having a headache with Black Hole Zone.
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Hi I'm SchrodingerBoy (or SchBoy or damece it doesn't matter), I knew SRB2 for some years and I started playing around a year ago (2.1), but only recently have I become more involved in the comunity and the game, I would like to make Wads in the future and see the evolution of this legendary game, hope to meet a lot people :)


Hello, it's me Polnyanski, or sometime known as nyip
I usually host srb2kart server for SEA region, called "(SEA)", usually hosted around 8-9 PM on GMT+7

Ok, nice to meet all of you


Hello everyone. My name is WiZa, supersonicwind69 in srb2 online.
I play SRB2 since my 11 years. I play srb2 too

Nice to meet you ^^

Sorry for my bad english, I'm French

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