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Professor Sheepkitty, reporting in!

Been a fan of Sonic since the early days, and started getting into SRB2 around the time when GFZ 1, 2, 3, and THZ 1 were all that was available.

I never played it much, but always stayed on top of the updates. It wasn't until 2.1.14 that some friends and I began to play in earnest and never looked back. All sorts of level packs, character wads were played through, and even SUGOI and SUBARASHII have become group activities in themselves!

Always been a bit shy though, so joining the forum took quite some time. Happy to be here, and hello everyone!
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hello my name is Denis i am 14 i love srb2 and srb2 kart so much but i cant make a wad for it :( but still i belive sometime i will can do it i like to play draw welp i hope we can be best friends >:3
Hello! My name is Victor. I've been a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series since I was 5. I first heard about Sonic Robo Blast 2 when I watched a YouTube user named "RichterBelmont12" do a playthrough of the game. I started playing the game around late 2011 and got into it really fast once I knew you could play online. The Race gametype is actually where I got the "Rush Turbo" part from since I would play it constantly.


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Well i saw this pop up in New Posts, so i'll give it a try...

I'm Kíbito Áyame, keep in mind the accents please... I'm a 16 year old Venezuelan guy, kinda (really) shy i guess, who likes to draw and wants to learn how to animate, I really like giving a lot of focus on the artwork on anything I do, that's because especially with Sonic, there's a lot of amazing and charming artwork that while recognized as iconic, it's still overlooked in my opinion, that's why my mods always come zipped with a drawing, why I make introductory comics, and why I always try to give the sprites I do for this game my style, though as someone without too much previous experience I have a bit of trouble doing that. I've been playing Sonic Robo Blast for not too long ago, 1 or 2 months ago I first downloaded it, obviously the idea of making WADs crossed my mind, but it wasn't until I played Kart that i was really motivated to do it, cause the thing is that i have several problems with SRB2, mainly on it's level design and how it's focused on slow platforming rather than what a game like Sonic is supposed to be, about speed, but Kart is just great all around, so i did try it and made my first WAD, Wheelie Rider, I'm planning on doing more and I'm really excited to see what the game and the community has to offer in the future, it's great to be here!.

I also like Kirby a lot btw...

And wow, what a Bible I wrote there.
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Hi! VILE/Archvile here, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Singapore. I'm a media student, hardstyle fanatic and I do play a bit of Doom as well. I've actually been playing SRB2 for at least 10 years now since the 1.09.4 days, I just never registered on here. I am planning to make stuff though...


Apparently I made this account when I was 13 and I just now remembered it existed.

Yeah, Sonic's pretty cool or something. I think I'll stick around.


Hey, I'm Authur. I'm a weird 30-year-old who really, REALLY likes Sonic. I used to kinda privately play different .wads and mods for this fangame in the past, and I can definitely see a lot of things have changed since those years ago. I'm a veteran Sonic player, and I'm excited to see what new things have been created for this awesome game. I never once tried multiplayer, so looking forward to getting my butt kicked~ :D

Seriously though, glad to be here.


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I am Weekblues (AKA MTBP when Mario is in a server)
i used to go to Steven's server but now at Spectrum's server (and Lennon's server too).


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Hi, my name's PencilVoid but you can call me Pen if you want. I'm into computer stuff and I've been playing SRB2 for quite some time now. I don't know how long exactly, but i think it's since before analogue mode became a default feature. I'm currently working on two character wads and a level pack, but don't expect either of them to be released soon; I'm not really a fast worker. I don't play netgames often (my wifi isn't that good), but when I do, it's most likely gonna be on Spectrum's server. Anywho, this is starting to really fill up the quick reply box so I'm gonna sign off here. See ya soon! =)
'Lo. It's me, Cactus_Fantastico.
I'm here because you all seem like cool dudes and, hey, I've got ideas, I might make them real at some point, and I'd rather be ready for that.
Because I'm not sure anyone else will be.


Hello, I'm SpinSlash165!
I'm a New Zealander who enjoys drawing and making music.
I was drawn to SRB2 and SRB2Kart after seeing various gameplay videos, and I've been working on a character mod for SRB2Kart that's ready to be shared with you guys!
Most of my favorite games are usually either platformers or racing games for some odd reason. My future dream is to develop my own videogame.
I hope to see you all soon!


read through some of these. hope to see some of you around. ^_^ hello everyone I'm lalie and I used to play this game with my siblings when I was younger. I'm 26 now and getting back in on it because it is amazing ;) I like skating and dancing . my favourite foods are coffee and kale. and whoever made the character hinote is going to be be my best friend. I love to draw and write and make music and roleplay and get in on projects. hit up my pms. ::)
Hi, everyone! My name is Samuel, and I'm just some weirdo that loves playing videogames. I've been playing SRB2 since version 1.09 and I've been checking out the boards for quite a while, but never felt the need to register here until now, since I am into WAD making recently and plan to share some custom WADs of mine. Eventually.

By the way, my birthday is tomorrow! Yay!


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Hi, everyone! My name is Samuel, and I'm just some weirdo that loves playing videogames. I've been playing SRB2 since version 1.09 and I've been checking out the boards for quite a while, but never felt the need to register here until now, since I am into WAD making recently and plan to share some custom WADs of mine. Eventually.

By the way, my birthday is tomorrow! Yay!

Welcome, and happy birthday!



I'm not sure it would be necessary to re-introduce myself, but you can refer to me as TheRetroRenegade (originated from my "FORTNITE" username for the Switch ((God forbid I mention Fortnite)) and also my interest in old-school video games from decades ago while I was not even born like Atari's Tempest and other stuff here and there. I am William Arkwright, I am male, 19 years old and live in the State of Ohio. I've haven't been on the SRB2 Message Board in a while (I'm not new here by the way) , and I gotta confess, I didn't have my best moments here back then but finally matured enough to control that.
(If someone can quote my old introduction that'd be nice!)


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Hello, my name is Super Sanic (well Mii3000 is my old name and it's still there so I need to change it) and I hasn't been introduced since I joined for almost 3 years. I love to play games like Smash, Mario, Sonic, and I mostly draw sketches or do MS Paint stuff. I'm now a class of 2019 since I graduated for 4 months (5 months when it reaches the 18th). I'm 18 years old and nice to meet you all!

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