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The Sin Heartless

Sanity? What's that?

I am The Sin Heartless. I grew interested in SRB 2 and the Sonic community recently after another community was divided in half and I drifted away as a result. (SMBX forums. A loose end.) Sonic 3 & Knuckles was the game which brought me close to the Sonic community.

I have no real attachment to any communities or the things you call as "friends" or "bonds". Only the feeling of isolation, emptiness and voices in my head. I could be here one day and drifting away the next. So why not take a risk and see whether my choice was right? My "boat" is already filled with regret, depression and loose ends.

As an aspiring game designer and programmer, my interests lie in making new content. I might not be a god when it comes to pixel art, music or level design and my confidence is as bad as the depth of my depression, but everyone needs to start somewhere. One day I could be making levels and the next day I could end up coding game engines.

I hope I won't be a mere inconvenience to any of you.


(Insert user title here)
I'm just a random person that likes SRB2!
I play Sonic games since I was child.
It's okay, that I look some a retard person... but OK! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Obscure JRPG lover
I came here from the srb2 server and I'll introduce myself, I'm Natalie/Neptune (as some folks call me because of an old username), and i hope we can be friends


Sometimes I sprite "things"
Time to update my introduction because before was too short

Hello, my name is CG, my full name is CarlosGamer, and my real one is Carlos Granado, I have always liked Sonic games since I was 7 years old, and I knew SRB2 since I was 9 years old. a great game actually, especially I liked the part where you could create your own levels, characters, etc.

I am more or less shy with people, I do not know how to defend very well against criticism.

I joined to the community on January 10, 2016. Why do I say this if I met the game in 2008? was because I was very bad with English, if I knew English at that age and registered, I was like an old member. Through the years I learned a lot of English, until I registered. I am sometimes lazy with my creations (wads, coding, drawing, etc). example, I am doing a drawing, and suddenly, I'm lazy to do it. Sometimes I complete my creations, sometimes not. Well, I did my best to make my introduction more detailed.
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Grade A idiot
I'm a Ghost Pokemon wearing a hat, my real name is Cristopher, i really enjoy video games, i wan't to make games in the future so people can experience fun and joy.

Sonic has always been a favorite of mine, i even got lucky and played it back in 2008 thanks to my uncles old genesis.

The only thing that bothers me is the fact that i cannot get a good Sonic Robo Blast online game.
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Petit The Hedge

A.K.A. Neon T.H.
Heyyyy guys.

So, a lot of people saw me around already. as "Sonicgamer22", "Neon","Metallic T.H." and etc.

I started playing SRB2 at 1.09.04, and i didn't knew how to add wads yet, i only learned at 2.0's release .-..

More recently i'm learning Zone Builder, and Clickteam Fusion. Just like GastlyGibus, i also wish to make a game. The first time i played a sonic game was in 1995, Sonic CD, and i hated because it was too hard for me. Nowadays that's one of the easiest games for me.

I'm kinda funny i guess, a good drawer, soontobe composer, and naturally, i like to be nice.
That's all.

( i also made myself my profile pic.)
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Just a remapper.
Oh hey nals! (nal means pal right?)

Since I didn't know this thread to Introduce I'm here to tell. My real name is PandaHo Phinfoshly but I like people call me Panda :]
The first games I played were Mario games when I had 8 years, and I know how to make levels at this games so that's why I became like computer so much XD
And then I hoped to Sonic games, I don't like these action games that grabbing guns and you know ;-; so I got into a good games like this one.

The first game I played was Super Mario Bros X then became good of how to use it well and how to make levels to this game, That learning made me also nice on how to use Zone Builder. But I stopped to play mario and I headed to play a game from sonic's games so I started with SRB2 2.0, then I liked it so much because It had a fast 3D. and that SMBX was even bored, that's why I stopped to play mario. and yes SRB2 became my best :]

And after 2.1 Release I started to learn how to make WADs, Luas, SOCs and making good sprites, and I didn't stop to play SRB2 I continued how to use everything and know everything about this game. so I'm trying to make everyone get happy by what I'm doing. Even I'm a beginner I'm still learning how to use the editors :S

All I am good to make is just making good maps to release 2.1 that it looks like from 1.09.4 to 2.0. but I kinda so beginner with characters and Luas, Well I'm good at changing states and make new objects by using Lua, and well I can do custom stuff with using Luas so I'm not that really beginner. And I know how to make characters as well and put for them some good luas to make them looks incredible.

So If you wanted to check me out Talk to me at MB or you just better talk to me at Discord, I'm Panda.#0085. and yeah Sorry for my bad grammar :]

Faker...... If you saw my Introduced Information then don't even think about me because you made most of my friends stopped to trust me anymore and I want to contact you now on discord.
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Hey, welcome aboard.

So, you came from SMBX? That's not too different from my story; I got really into Super Mario World hacking back in 2005, when one of the other users on there asked if I wanted to do music for his SRB2 level pack. I ended up getting hooked on SRB2 instead and pretty much migrated over here.

Mario A. Roach

Srb2, Minecraft, Trove...
In Srb2 since 2005 or '06? (Always forget the date XD.)
Minecraft: 2011 on December.
Trove 2015 on December xD (really free on that month.)
Playing video games since 2004 (I know that it was that date exactly cause I remember never going to school :v.)
Started making 3D models in 2013, made them for a group of friends (that were teaching me, just to get fun :V) and play any game allowed us to put our custom models and play online, "learnt English in august 2016"or at least that's where I felt confident enough to talk in this language so decided to create an account in this forum.
I don't think anyone is going to even care, but whatever I'll read the other ones.
(Edit): Forgot to talk about IRL stuff: My name is Mario Antonio Roach and I am 18 years old, born in June 3th of 2000.
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"I don't think anyone is going to even care, but whatever I'll read the other ones"
Even though I don't even have time to do so hahahahha.
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↘ look loonk guise its mous
Hiya y'all. I'm Jaime.

I don't remember how long ago I first played this but let's just say I do remember when there were only three main zones, no Knuckles, orderpizza was in the vanilla game, and Red Volcano Zone was a secret level you had to get to by jumping repeatedly on some dude's house after completing a series of other tasks.

Hope to be able to do some mods. I've only really dipped into Lua for one project before so not all that familiar with it in particular, looking forward to learning it more. As for mapping and characters I'm a complete noob at those but it's definitely something I want to look into.

Maybe I'll run into you folks sometime on the MS. I'm the silver Tails that runs backwards and spouts awful memes
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I've been in this community for 2 years now, and I only joined here a few days ago. You can call me by my username to your left.

I'm here so I can put my cool levels here. I've been learning Zone Builder 2 months ago and it's not that hard (unless you put in cool gimmicks and stuff). I'll mostly make maps here, because I'm not a coding kind of guy.

So cool that you can basically do anything in this game!


The Imaginator
I'm Dee! I have a silly sense of humor and would love to get to know you all! I also made a level but can't release it.


I make remixes 'n stuff
Hey, I'm Tanooki116. Most call me Tanooki, but I can also go by just 116. I make music, usually remixes, but I also have some original tracks. I played this game a lot when I was younger, and to see it still going today is amazing. I'm currently making an "album" containing remixes from the main songs heard in-game! I just don't know where to post about it.


Yo'! The name's David. I've been on this forum for a while and for some reason, I never registered. I remember registering before a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure I was one of those people who never followed the rules. Anyways, I've been a fan of SRB2 and always wanted to make WADs, and finally did so for the SRB2Kart mod, which I plan to post soon.
Seeing as I haven't done this at all, I'm Julie Hikari, I've actually been playing Srb2 online ever since 1.09.4 back when I had a Windows XP - I will say I did go under a different name back then- which I already forgotten. Though to be honest, there was a time where I quit playing Srb2 during 2012 for a few years. Basically I was shown Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch which kind of drove me away from Srb2 for a while- but now its the opposite. I got bored of it which eventually lead me back to here, back at home to start over.

(Sorry for the lengthy message)


I do things, I guess
Hey there! I'm Ninji and I draw things sometimes. I've been playing SRB2 for a couple years—during the era of UglyKnux—but never bothered to join the forums until now. I also like spicy foods and music of all kinds, especially Sonic music and generally jazzy tunes. That's about it, I guess.


lazy person, goes as geo in netgames.

Yo, it's GEO-ACO
I first found srb2 by a youtube poop I saw back when I was very young, i first wanted to download it iirc back in early 2010's but my mom didn't know how. But in late 2015, I downloaded the game myself after all those years and..
I absolutely love this fangame, it's one of my favorites along with Super Smash Flash 2. However, back then I saw a good chunk of good srb2 servers, now I barely see any. I do play kart though, dw. So uh, yeah I really love metal sonic.

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