Hyper Forms

Hyper Forms v2.1.4.1/v1.0.4.1 - S3 Sonic Patch 2

So Hyper Sonic is completely broken, it seems. When you transform, you're instead given this weird semi-Hyper state. The music changes and transformation seems to make you Hyper, but your appearance isn't Hyper. The thok is also SIGNIFICANTLY weaker for some reason.
Well that's on me, even though I get this can be werid. I kinda get it why, sorry if he's so broken.
The Hyper Color doesn't quite work for me. The color of Sonic is still gold. Not sure if it's alr fixed or not.
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really made a whole long explanation from the start for this form lol, can't really blame ya, im kind of person who goes so deep explaining smth that i can go out of context lol, anyway guess i'l download it.

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