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Hey, have you notice there are some form mods in srb2?

Well in the message board only, though this is where I try to make the define Hyper form in SRB2...

That changes, now.


Hyper Forms!

What is this addon?

Well this is a Hyper Forms addon, It's a 2nd form in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

It was one of the idea Sonic Team and SEGA made

While there was some hyper forms around the year of SRB2

This one also trys to be one of them, becoming it's amazing community.

It also more the same to his Super Form (In Sonic 2), which this form, could be one of them. Atleast...

What is this form you call?

Well this was in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, after the released of Sonic & Knuckles in Oct 1994.

It was able to be attached with
Lock-On Technology.png

With any sonic game (Expect sonic 1 was blue spheres, plus the non-sonic genesis games too.) in Sonic & Knuckles!

Like Sonic 2 & Knuckles or Sonic 3 & Knuckles
, let's get back to the form anyway.

It was able to be fully playable when getting 14 Emeralds (which I mean 7 Chaos Emeralds and 7 Super Emeralds) as they have the exact same number.

When being in this form state, you also get a directional dash button. It can direct a angle, the only ones are up down left and right. It also nukes a near by enemy too!

Sonic also glow in each color, like a rainbow for example. Expect for tails... As he still has his super form

Inculding Knuckles, because it's SEGA did this and Sonic Team.

Atleast they correct Tails's forms in Sonic Origins, even though the game can be buggy (which SEGA is patching this game alot nowadays).

It's a great collection of 4 Remastered Sonic Games, as well as alot of Sonic Game Gear Games. And including, Amy Rose.

Anyway, moving on. After it's gone, You will have to collect more rings again to get it. It doesn't turn you into your super form sadly...

This form also allows you to breathe underwater, but It still can crush you, you still die from pits. And your form won't last long, just like your super form does as well.

How do you transform in to that state?

Just like you always do, you just grab 50 rings or more. And Press Jump in Midair, then press the spin button to transform into Hyper Sonic!

But in the Alternative version, get 100 rings or more. Press Jump in Midair, then press the spin button to transform into Hyper Sonic!

What buttons are for hyper sonic + transformation cancel in hyper?

Pressing Jump 2 times - Hyper Flash

Transformation Cancel: Custom 1/C1. Custom 2/C2. Custom 3/C3. Tossflag. FireNormal.

All of thoses are in the command "cancelform" or in the alt version "altcancel" where they are stored in here.






Also these are OUTDATED, because I did this back at some point in July or June.

So am keeping them, get used to these. Also the 3 gifs that are in here is Phosphor Haze Parkway, Because why not.


v1.0 - Release


- O__Hyper now loops (kinda..) and has been changed to ogg file


- A new music has been added and it loops perfectly


- It no longer doesn't only have to be 100 rings


- Deleted the Script for Sonic (Expect for knuckles somehow...)

- Deleted O__HYPER.ogg (which I forgot it's somehow there.)


- Sparkles are now added (To make it a feel sonic 3 & knuckles like)

- Hyper Form can breathe in underwater and spacetime (also missed it in sonic 3 & knuckles)

- Now it has a floating ability (to replace the super floating ability at first)

- When super is off (if something happens) hyper will too now

- Hyper Flash is not broken anymore when going in the goal post, as this was found in dark's server.

- The Sprite (that use a 1up box) it be the same with hyper (this was in all previous versions)

- The "Skins" Folder has removed

- player.charability is added to the hyper flash script and detransform


- Fixed when the player spawns without the thok


- Fixed when you don't get the hypercolor as knuckles


- Overhaul the script for it to be perfect

- Fixed when the animation of the "Shields" don't move (Which I removed "P_SpawnShieldOrb(player)" from this issue)

- Super is now combined in Hyper, instead of just having it as a 2nd form (Which is from Sonic 3 & Knuckles).

- player.charability is removed and it's combined with the thok when your hyper now (well in players.powers[pw_super])

- You can now use the Hyper color for servers you wish

- The alt version will come later in some sort of updated


I clearly forgot that I was fixing the script for testing

Now it should behave like sonic as well, which I mean knuckles.


Forgot that everyone also had sparkles


- Knuckles had to be removed (since he did had the same as hyper sonic in sonic 3 & knuckles, thanks to the wiki again for once.)

- Added a command that is the hypercancel (from Transformation Cancel)

- It is not a color anymore

- There is now a alt version of this code, it's from the previous versions but a bit of things added for it to be alt.


- The new sparkles have arrived.

- New Sound for the Ability (which is the one from Sonic 3 & Knuckles).

- You aren't allowed to trigger the super transformation in hyper cancel (Even though it's also for super as well).

- Also a bit of new description for both of them (If you find it in SLADE, then cool).


- Fixed the Sparkles to make it only sonic

- Fixed making the sparkles only sonic (again)

- New script for when the hyperform gets to 0 in any character expect sonic (Only for the Alt Version)

- Removed the speed in the code.

- Added a addition code for when going fast makes the ghost trails popup

That's all for now, since this was trying to be my own type of Hyper Form Addon.

Again if you ever use it, I highly sugget crediting me. You can also recreated this to be better.

Still this is what I tryed to get fair atleast, so hope you atleast enjoy this. Also I haven't upload any addons

since the release of mostly colors, I will be making a addon that is like this, but a character!

Anyways, SLS Is OUT!
First release
Last update
4.75 star(s) 4 ratings

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    Just patch because I forgot that the color was not hyper, it's also for both. So have fun.
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Latest reviews

This updates ALOT lol. I always come here too see what updated and this is always here! Anyways I like this mod, the constant updating is really fine tbh.
At the end of the day, it's just constant updating. I know it's fine, but sometimes, there's a chance that I might miss it by not looking at it. I keep some version up, and some not because there just literally a fail. The archives of these posts might stay for now, but yeah I constantly do it. Also thank you for the reply, I love to see people thinking there thoughts about it.
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Does this works on Hyper Sprites?
I never tryed anything like at before, but It's possible by modding to be honest.
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I've been waiting to see if anyone would make an attempt at bringing back the hyper forms since the Final Demo that wasn't through a command in the console, and this seems to have done the trick.

It delivers fully on its intentions and should be a must have for anyone who just can't seem to scratch that Sonic 3 & Knuckles itch.
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It does what it says it does. It's a Hyper Form Not much else to say other than very epic.
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