Phosphor Haze Parkway

[Reusable] Phosphor Haze Parkway v1.3.0 + Winter

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SRB2 v2.2.10 9_24_2022 5_36_39 PM.png

Welcome to Phosphor Haze Parkway.
This is a map created by: _Astral & csean07

SRB2 v2.2.10 9_24_2022 5_40_21 PM.png




Information about Phosphor Haze Parkway:
This map contains many areas you can visit such as the Emerald Alter, Giant Tree Island, Azure Woods, and much more to explore.


There are plenty of secrets hiding outside of the map. Some of them are hidden with prizes, while others are evil. So be aware on what you stepping on (you might even get teleported to a place called the "U n k n o w n" hidden in this map if you step on one while nocliping).

Giant Tree Island / Battle CTF

This map has been moved to the Twilight Battle Pack page. The CTF version will also be included inside there later on.

Known issues:
In Software mode, if you head to the right tunnel then look left, a software bug can be seen.
Some signs you see in OpenGL mode might be a bit off with the edges.

List of music used for this map:
Yoshi's Story - Super Smash Bros Melee™
Eve's Asylum (Interactive Version) - LittleBigPlanet 2™
Flowers of Corona (Field) - Kingdom Hearts III™
Starshine Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2™
(Jibberish Jungle) The Stone Circle - Rayman Origins™ (v1.0.2)
Down the Rabbit Hole - Rayman Mini™
Mari Boss Battle - Omori™
The Islands (Interactive Version) - LittleBigPlanet™
Sky Road Zone ? - Sonic Lost World™
Gororin's Mysterious Inner Rock - Kirby Triple Deluxe™
Flower Garden (Short Ver.) - Yoshi's New Island™
Crystal Caves - Yoshi's New Island™
Splash Beach (Day) - Kirby's Epic Yarn™
Notice - Moe Shop
Sugar Star Planetarium - Omori™
Running Through the New World - Kirby and the Forgotten Land™


Hangout Version Testing & Feedback : Limessence, KirbyDL, Dakki, and Zeval.

Battlemod Version Testing & Feedback : Astro, CyanKnight, KirbyDL, Denny, SLS, Smol, lightdasher, and Paranormal.

_Astral - Helping out with this project.
Othius - Backrooms secret textures
& The Community Resource Park
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csean07 (Sega-tendo
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This is the greatest hangout yet to be, I kinda liked how it's good. + Thanks for adding me in the battle test.
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beautiful map, and environment, but that cave is tough man hahahah
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