HorizonChars v1.1.1 - Sharper & Slicker

Honestly I think the continue screen sprites are good; it drives home what happens to her after she dies to something-- She pretty much shatters into pieces and is building herself back up.
... To be fair, any other body section can work as well, but still, I'm fine with it!
v2.0.1 is out!

Changelog -
- Crystal Lance infinity from Milne's Hyper form has been given to her Super form as well
- You can no longer pick up Banpyura springs or boosters
- The surface of acid no longer damages Milne, you now need to be submerged like every other character to get hurt
- Fixed console error relating to inflictor and damage
- Enabled picking up of bosses that have one HP left
- You can now dislodge unmovable statues from their resting place by picking them up
- Monitors respawning from Milne picking them up no longer applies to Coop, just like the vanilla behavior.
- Please don't hug Milne.

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About an hour later, v2.0.2 is out.

Changelog -
- alfredo fucked up and now skip isn't the only char who gets hurt by hugging
- that's all folks
I've been missing this update for a long time and now that im finally in back im my computer, I got to say... this is really impressive and I love it!

Milne has been my favorite custom character since release, and seeing that this character has gotten better really puts a smile in my face.

Anyway, back to speedrunning with Milne :D
Wait how to give support for the milne dance?

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Oh wait never mind

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