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Rock Birb

A collection of characters made by Guil (Previously known as Fattata).

The characters:


Original Thread
ID: "chocobo"
Speed: 6
Weight: 3
Good at keeping up with the pack, but a little easy to push around. Stats come from his source game, Chocobo Racing, where he's slightly faster than average and has good handling. Sounds are from Chocobo Racing.


Original Thread
ID: "hzigzag"
Speed: 5
Weight: 2
Zigzagoon is true to its nature in its original series; it's able to zigzag, so it has very good handling. It's also not all that slow, having a base 60 speed in every Pokemon game to date. Sounds are from Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Gysahl (OC)

Original Thread
ID: "gysahl"
Speed: 4
Weight: 9
Gysahl is a heavy bird with a heavy attitude. Very, very good at pushing others around with his max weight stat, but has below average speed. His spark rate is very important! Sounds are from Final Fantasy VII.

Mera (OC)

ID: "mera"
Speed: 2
Weight: 9
Mera shouldn't fit in a kart but manages to make it work. Heavy, like Gysahl, but even slower. He almost has the best spark rate possible! Sounds are from Ultimate Chimera Hunt and MOTHER3.

Nidorino (Classic) NEW!

ID: "nidorinoclassic"
Speed: 8
Weight: 6
An 8-bit Nidorino- one of the first Pokemon a lot of people in the early 90s ever saw, due to their appearance in the intro sequence to Pokemon Blue (and Green). Its appearance is based on its appearance in the 2nd generation Pokemon games (Silver and Gold), and its sound effects are also from those games.
Its kart is from AozoraJustin's 8-Bit Kart base.

Mera: New RANK and WANT graphics, actually decided that using his A8 looked better
Nidorino: Shifted all of his A sprites to the right by one pixel because he was off-center
Added an MD3 for Mera. Grab and extract it to your game folder. Add the line of text in the included text file to your mdls.dat file.
---May/14/2020, V3.1---
Chocobo: Sounds were replaced with sounds from Chocobo Racing, to match his sprites. Sound pack assembled by Fishfish.
---Apr/21/2020, V3---
Nidorino: Added to the pack. Welcome aboard!
---Mar/09/2020, V2---
Gysahl: Changed sprite names from PLAY to GYSL to match his gfx prefix.
Mera: Added to the pack. Welcome aboard!
---Jan/27/2020, V1---
General: Combined all characters into a pack.
Chocobo: Changed prefcolor from Gold to Yellow.


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Rock Birb
V2 is released, adding a new character and a small change behind the scenes for another.


Stevo has competition.


Resourceful Rat
Nice sprites! Any chance Nidorino will be released as an individual character separate from the pack?


Rock Birb
Minor update: Chocobo has new sound effects. The sound pack was assembled by Fishfish. The old sounds were a bit jarring, even if they are Chocobo's modern voice.
New sounds are Chocobo's classic voice.


Rock Birb

Mera has an md3 now. No changes to the addon itself, but the model is in the file attached to the original post!

You'll wanna add this text to your mdls.dat:
MERA KDLC/KMERA.md3 3.8 0.0


Rock Birb
Minor update! Changes are simple:
MERA: Mera has new WANT and RANK graphics
NIDORINO: Nidorino's A sprites were all shifted one pixel to the right because they were slightly off-center.


Rock Birb
Guil updated Guil's Characters! (FatRat Pack) with a new update entry:

Visual Improvement Time

Two birds have had some changes! No stat or gameplay changes were made.

His signpost sprite was replaced entirely. No longer do you get a lame box and instead get a dramatic leap.

The shading on his sprites has been adjusted to make other two-toned color palettes look better on him. To compensate, his prefcolor has been changed from Gray to Nickel. Aside from the change in shading, there are no other changes to his sprites.

Read the rest of this update entry...

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