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Hey, you ever wondered what it would be like to play a level that's 99% minecart riding?

Yeah, me neither. But here it is anyway!

v1.1 : changed map number


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I always wished the acz minecart sections were longer, and I have a huge soft spot for donkey kong country's minecart sections, so this definitely scratches that itch for me. The ending sequence was a great idea too.

Could use a lot of texture realignment on the tracks though.


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I loved what you did, it looks great and is fun to play. That ending really caught me off-guard and I really enjoyed it.


Minecarts' interactions with anything that wasn't used in ACZ2 tends to be a coin flip. I've tried a few solutions but none bore fruit (rotating the springs just changes the magical "lethal angle" that kills you, replacing them with balloons changes absolutely nothing).

So uh...."it be like that sometimes", sorry :<


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Ok I didn't know what to expect when getting into this, but this was a pretty solidly designed level and I'd love to see more levels with this theme in mind. I think some custom textures could've been used for the track (perhaps from another game with minecarts in it that just so happens to use a retro style?) so that it's not just wooden beams everywhere. Also how did you make that boss at the end?! That was both completely unexpected and unexpectedly amazing!

Sadly, I don't know if this is because I was using OGL at the time but it seems halfway through the level you gave up entirely on texture alignment. I know that's a big ask but maybe it'll become easier to do sometime later in SRB2's lifespan.


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i liked this little level. And I really like its complexity. balancing the lot with the minecart is not easy, but you did it.
the only thing that I didn’t really like was that in some moments it was very dark.

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