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This script is a standalone repackaging of the popgun tweaks present in BattleMod (V8.4).

Changes include:
  • Fang can target enemy players in competitive gametypes
  • Fang can fire popgun while running at any speed or on steep inclines
  • Fang can fire popgun whilst in the air (Cannot use shield actives)
  • Fang can jump while firing popgun on the ground
  • Added larger cork sprites and a visible trail (color-coded in competitive gametypes)
  • Cork travel speed reduced (60 -> 48)
  • Cork no longer juggles players in their pain or flashing states

Some targeting and firing code has been borrowed or modified from TehRealSalt's simple character rebalancing mod.


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You can still use the Whirlwind's active by pressing jump after hitting a spring or walking off of a ledge.


This mod is awesome! I would suggest maybe making a mod of Tails Swipe with the battle mod sprites.
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Yoshi can use shield abilities by pressing Spin while holding Jump, so Fang also could do that


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This is a long overdue update, but Zolton helped patch up a few issues with the current scripts.

Version 1.1
- Fixed Fang being able to turn while firing
- Changed character select description to more accurately reflect abilities
- Resolved a sprite conflict with OLDC Summer 2020 SP pack


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This odd glitch occurs when playing in Strafe mode. It also occurs with the Intangible Camera mod loaded and activated.


Considering all the individual mods, eventually your suite of 2.2 mods could turn into a modular XMom or Classic, which I absolutely love. I think that large mods should be broken up into smaller ones which can be enabled selectively, as that helps with compatibility with certain characters and other mods.
I think something like this would be perfect for a Super form.
Why should this be restricted to a Super form? Because super forms cant use shield abilities?
When you're super, you can defeat enemies by running into them, I wouldn't say having an aerial version of a grounded move is exactly too useful. I think being able to bounce farther and without being interrupted by spikes or enemies is a good enough reward.
Plus we dont know if Fang IS getting a super form. Considering it's not like just anyone can go super or anything.

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