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Yes, right now we have 3 powerups and 9 shields (more if you count already-released shield-adding mods) but that's not enough. We need MORE shields and MORE powerups! And I'm here to deliver 'em.


Extra Shields


Free yourself from the planet's pull with just the touch of a button! (getting hit will send you right back into the ground, however!)


Press Spin after jumping to create a bubble which will gently carry you to your destination. Press Jump while holding onto the bubble to pop it and jump off, in case you missed the next platform by just a bit.


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The Clock Shield's ability will warp you back to the point where you jumped, giving you another try if you miss a jump.

Extra Powerups


Hailing from Knuckles' Chaotix, this powerup merges all your rings into one giant ring, making it much easier to get your bearings after taking a hit. Don't slack however, because this ring will burst if left unattended for too long.


Turns you into an avaricious, insatiable monster... AKA it doubles the value of rings and ring monitors. You see the pic? Actually, the first line of rings in GFZ1 consists of 7 rings. Now imagine mixing this with the Attraction or Lightning Shields... Mmm...

Oh and I probably should mention it does not work with spilled rings. Law of conservation of mass, yo.


Did you know that Sonic 2 was going to have a "Spring Monitor" at one point? Its intended effects are unknown, but it's speculated it would have boosted the player's jump in the same way it is boosted when Super... which also boosts the player's speed in the same way as the Speed Shoes, and makes them invulnerable like Invincibility does. Makes a lot of sense when you think of like that, right? So that's what I went with for this monitor.

Since tail-bouncing is also dependant on jumpfactor, Fang can go especially crazy with this powerup.

But how do I use all this stuff?

I used to have a sample map with the new things but I tossed that out since now there's a fancy new console command (below) that'll give you the power you want any time. There are also still the methods of using objectplace to spawn the monitors yourself (hint: after starting objectplace, use the Prev. Weapon key) and you can also add the monitors in yourself if you're making a map of your own. They use map thing numbers 423 to 429 (regular) and 453 to 459 (respawning).

Console Commands

  • esp - Gives a list of the extra powers. Use in conjuction with the following to gain the specified extra powerup at any time you want.
  • grav
  • gum
  • clock
  • combi
  • gold
  • socks

Known Issues

  • The end of Invincibility or Speed Shoes can interrupt the Gold Rush and Spring Socks jingles. Probably fixable but the way the game handles jingles isn't really documented all that much and/or I'm too stoopid to figure it out. Actually I do know a solution but it's so caveman-like I'd rather not
  • Being carried (by a flying character, rotating chains, ACZ ropes, etc) makes the shield orb desync and follow behind the player. I have no idea why that happens.
  • None of the shields have passive abilities. Couldn't think up of anything, sorry!
  • The Bubblegum Shield doesn't have a special effect like Gravity's arrows and Clock's clock. Couldn't think of anything for that one either. Sorry again!
  • The Clock Shield sometimes warps you to somewhere in the middle of your jump, or somewhere below where you haven't been. Right now the Clock Shield uses an invisible object to be your return point - this is necessary because the shield would be useless around horizontally-moving platforms otherwise. But it can be quite finicky around edges, so try not to wait until the last possible tic to make your jumps.

Credits for the Gold Rush and Spring Socks songs are in the game's Sound Test.


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Hey Goldenhog, did you wanna to collab?
I have a bunch of shields' sprites and sounds.. maybe you can program it, do you wanna try it?


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I noticed that the subtitle for the rewind sound when using the clock shield is misspelled


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