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You can't keep a strong legacy down, Earless is back for Version 2.2, and ready to blast more robos! He... has not gotten much better over the years. He tried to figure out the whole "thok" thing, but that didn't go so well. He also tried learning how to dream, and... that did work, actually. Still, if you're up for the small challenge, or just love some goofy spritework from a kid in the late 90's, then this is the mod you want? I guess??

Oh, don't forget to type "killingdead on" in the console for an even more Sonic Robo Blast 1 experience!

  • v1: Initial Release
  • v2: Persona support! Also, Kirby gains an ability from him.



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This functions. It's dumb but since it had a release before I'd say it's perfectly fine to go through. It's a shame there's no SRB1 remake to use it with anymore. :P


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ONE MORE CHANGE: Updating the filename to use "-v1" instead of "_v1" as per new standards. Let's try and start this new releases section right.

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I have no idea if such a thing would be possible to program in, but would it be a possibility that you could implement a lack of knockback whenever he gets hit similar to the actual game?

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Wait, killing dead is a consle command?

Heh heh heh heh... PAIN

Well done though, I like the legacy character being ported.


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Maybe at some point. I know even the original had Super Earless in a cutscene, but I have not ripped any Super sprites from SRB1Xmas. Don't expect it, but don't write it out.

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