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[Reusable] Double Cherry Monitors [v2.1]

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.


Yoko Shimomura
Version 2.1 is up!

Update! See the first post for more details.

General Clone Fixes

- Clones now show a bit more independent behaviour when either they or the player are launched vertically by springs.
(Diagonal and horizontal springs will continue to not affect their horizontal momentum.)

- Clone-to-cacti collision fix

- Clones no longer die multiple times when you fall into a pit and you should no longer be rewarded points for doing

- Clones now jump with you when jumping of/from carrier type objects

- Clones now face the same angle the player is facing when they're carried

- Clones spawn afterimages when the player has the speed shoes power-up and sparkles when the player has invincibility power-up

- Clones die in pit

Character Specific Updates

- Amy clones will continue aerial hammer attack after hitting an object in mid-air

- Fixed issue with Tails bot player having its own table for clones

- Fang clones no longer able to bounce when original has stopped bouncing

Level Interaction & Mapping Stuff

- Clone breaking FOF floor implemented, fixed an incorrectly placed variable and made it so that Fang and amy can break FOF floors that they're on top of (same should apply to ceilings if gravity is reversed)

- Due to how the table of clones was setup, if you had one clone missing and an incomplete table (not having all 4 entries filled),
then if you were to break two cherry monitors at once, an error will occur and only one clone is spawned after breaking the two monitors.

- Shatter/Bustable FOF blocks that are linked to a trigger linedef executor works with clones now.

- Additional mapping features added in order to have the clones trigger effects that only the player could trigger.



This is pretty neat. Double cherry is one of the best powerups and I'm still salty it wasn't in Mario Maker 2.

A significant thing I miss from the source material is the capability for clones to replace the original when the original gets hit. Removing the player mobj sounds like a bad idea but you could probably fake that effect by using a ShouldDamage intercept to swap the player's position with a clone, and then destroy said clone in their place.


Hey kid, want some milk?
Just looking at the gameplay, this monitor is very interesting. I have one issue though, the monitor icon is the cherry from Pac-Man. I know this isn't a accurate representation of the Double Cherry in SM3DW, but Pac-Man didn't use those kinds of cherries.


Finally, I can make my own type of echidna clan that has been in my head for a stupidly amount of time.


Yoko Shimomura
I mentioned it in the opening post, the addon is meant to be used with the vanilla characters. This is because the script I made was designed in a way that suits them alone.

Making this script work for every custom character requires a lot of work and I currently don't have the time or motivation to do unfortunately. In fact it would be a lot better to make this a hardcoded feature that tinkers with the bots' code in that case.

The only reason it looks like some custom characters function ok with the current script is due to some of the main copying behaviour (like appearance, animation and a few actions) that's scripted doesn't conflict with a character's custom ability/animation or something else.

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