Welcome to Diggle Hell

With no consistent theme whatsoever! Just characters I thought were cool and felt like making. Characters are available both as a pack and seperately.


1. Yung Venuz
from Nuclear Throne and Gun Godz



Yung Venuz, or Y.V., is a gun god!
Just like in Nuclear Throne, he's just here for some fun and action.
He likes money and gangster rap, and wants to get verified on Twitter.

Weight: 3
Speed: 8

2. Yotsuba
from Yotsuba&!


"I'm Yotsuba Koiwai! Koiwai Yotsuba! YOTSUBA!!!"

Enjoy Everything!
Yotsuba from the manga Yotsuba&! is here, and ready to get kartin'!
Just don't hit her or she'll cry.
Yotsuba doesn't have any official voice that I could find (since there's no anime), so I took the voice of Usagigiku from Flower Knight Girl.

Weight: 2
Speed: 5

3. Mechazawa
from Cromartie High School


"How many times have I told you not to do things that are bad for your health?!"

Mechazawa, full name Shinichi Mechazawa, is a regular high school delinquent attending Cromartie High.
His classmates all depend on him and his sturdier-than-usual body.
There's some rumors floating about that he might actually be a robot, but these rumors are completely unfounded.

Weight: 9
Speed: 5

4. Diggle
from Dungeons of Dredmor


"Your mother was a radish!"

...is what they say in the game (like every other monster) but really they just make cute noises.
The Diggle (poingus poingus) is a strange little bird-thing that can tunnel through walls with its odd, rubbery nasal appliance.
Diggle was actually the first character I made! That's why it's in the big kart instead of the small one.
Why is it number 4 on this list then?

I forgot to add it until the last moment.

Weight: 1
Speed: 5

5. Hakase
from Nichijou


"Hakase da nyan~"

It's the professor herself!
We don't know her real name so she's Hakase, which is Japanese for professor.
She likes sharks and builds robots.
Maybe she'd get along with Eggman.

Weight: 2
Speed: 3

6. Bowser
from Super Mario (come on you know this)



The King of Koopas finally makes his grand entrance!
He's based heavily on his design from Bowser's Inside Story, and uses voice clips from said game.
Bowser is a karting veteran, so it's only fitting that he'd show up here.

Weight: 9
Speed: 7

7. Octane
from Apex Legends


"You can't outrun the Octrain!"

Of course, what Octane does best is run fast.
But can he kart fast as well?
This daredevil is here, risking life and limb to get first place!

Weight: 4
Speed: 9

8. Pekora
from Hololive




Weight: 3
Speed: 6



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Welcome to Diggle Hell
I've updated the character pack with 2 new characters:
Hakase from Nichijou and Bowser from Mario. Go show 'em what for.


Very nice work! It's awesome to have Yotsuba, Cromartie High and Nichijou reps in Kart. New mains acquired.


Welcome to Diggle Hell
Character peko has been updated with two new characters, peko:
Octane and Pekora. PE↗️KO↘️PE↗️KO↘️PE↗️KO↘️PE↗️KO↘️PE↗️KO↘️PE↗️KO↘️


Don't know if you're still active, but Yotsubato has 2 videos officially dubbing some chapters in the manga.

You can use the Yotsuba voice here for accuracy if you want.
hey there Dig, can i make a edit of your Bowser char to make Dark Bowser for kart?

i give you credits for the original sprites, if not, nothing happens

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