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    Well, that happened.

    SRB2 Kart R1 flew out the door (get it here) to triple digit player counts on the master server and has drawn interest far afield. 48 hours later, and there are already multiple wads in the pipe for release, and I expect a lot more are yet to come.

    Characters, levels, and a lot of scripts for kart are not inter-operable with normal SRB2. To keep things easier on everyone, we'll be putting mods for kart in their own forum (here) for now, though the exact details of the arrangement may change later, depending. You may see a little wonkiness to start, but we're smoothing things out.

    People planning to release their own wads should be aware that the Filename Conventions for Maps announcement in submissions has been updated with Kart-specific information. Kart characters have their own prefix as well and version numbers are now mandatory in kart addon filenames.

    Finally, a quick reminder that adding an add-on to favorites (under "Show Your Support") will notify you when the author changes the version number. Handy!

    Have fun, everyone!
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Tries their best

Alright, with fancy graphics out of the way, here we go! The pack that contains all the characters I've done!



Mae Borowski, from Night in the Woods!

She's a solid 6,6, a bit on the heavy side. She comes with sounds all sourced from in game, which was a lot harder than you might think!


Raboot, from Pokemon's Galar region!

This edgy rabbit will (hopefully) work their way into your heart as they did mine. Clocking in at 8 speed and 3 weight, this character is fast, light, and agile.


Rinn, the flower elf!

This is my original character I initially created for a number of things, but never got to use her for any of them, Now, she comes to life in Kart!

Coming in at 2 weight 2 speed, she's lightweight and quick to come back from anything that's thrown at her.


An office chair rolls its way into--huh?! An office chair?!

Yep! I made an office chair. Fit with rolling noises, chair noises, and... chair... imagery.

It's lightweight and accelerates easily, just like you'd expect an office chair would. [4,1]


Taokaka, from BlazBlue, joins Kart!

Focused on quick recovery and enduring bumps, she can recover fast when hit, getting her back into the fight faster, meow! 2 speed, 5 weight.


v1.0 - release!

v1.1 - changes to Taokaka's shading

v1.2 - nerfed Raboot's gloat (it was too loud)


- DBurch01 on DeviantArt for art I used for Raboot's goalpost. You can find the original here: https://www.deviantart.com/dburch01/...boot-826449573

- Persona Kirby Stargod for Raboot's v1 showcase! Find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCfV22k-9uM

- Sounds for Rinn taken from the game Idol Janshi Suchi-Pai III Remix for the DS.


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Tries their best

V1.2 has released! I nerfed Raboot's gloat, it was too loud and powerful.

Also, v1.1 was released a bit ago, with changes to Taokaka's shading.