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"hey Iceman404, when are you gonna add crawla to srb2 kart"

"never, because all of srb2's enemies are boring and lame lol"

...I'm pretty sure that is more or less how that conversation went. Well, forget him, I can do bad all by myself! And by that, I mean after I just take the wheels from his Kart sprites and stick them onto a Crawla. That'll show 'em!

Yeah, it's as simple as that. Not all that flashy, but hey, it was gonna happen eventually, right? So lets do it as soon as possible, and invite the lil' chrome dome to SRB2 Kart with some Kart regulation wheels and a non-awful engine! Oh, and because voice clips are a thing now, this robot has been equipped with... Speakonia generated lines. Oh dear.

Most Crawlas are weak and ineffectual, but this one has something to prove!


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yes i am that guy
SRB2 Concept art: Crawla, is very dumb, shoots *small* bullets
DOOD64: *makes this*
SRB2 Concept art: i instant regret saying that

In other words, fantastic, 11/10, 100 better than crawla honcho 5 stars, i would give you 6 stars if i can.

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