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Krabs submitted a new resource:

Cosmetics - Hats and other customization options in SRB2!

Demonstration video:
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Cosmetics adds 18 stylish hats and a variety of custom sound effects to the game! Customize your look, play funny sound effects when you get killed, or enable helpful hitsounds for PVP modes like Match and BattleMod. Not only that, but modders can easily add additional hats and sound effects!

Press Custom 1 to...

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my only real issue with this mod is what button the menu is bound to. Would be nice to at least have an option to remap it
I agree the menu button is intrusive. I'd suggest making the menu a console command instead.
Krabs updated Cosmetics with a new update entry:


- Menu button can be rebound using the console command cos_button.
- Added a console command to open the menu: "cosmetics"
- Adjusted hat offsets for some characters
- Fixed a bug where Espio's hat would not turn invisible when he used his BattleMod invisibility.
- Adjusted some of the menu visuals

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Hello, it addon is beautiful for server like co-op and hangout, I would like to ask you, will you add @ for admins and nickname colors in the chat?
Also this addon conflicts with Skip's flashlight. I think need to press two keys. For example custom 1 and custom 2
Also this addon conflicts with Skip's flashlight. I think need to press two keys. For example custom 1 and custom 2
... Is it bad if I think that's a VERY small kind of conflict you reported on?
Well anyway, you can rebind the button used to bring up the menu using "cos_button" on the console.
Fire, Fire Normal, Tossflag, All 3 Custom Buttons, or Next/Prev Weapon are eligible as choices, so bind it to one you think wouldn't conflict as much depending on who you use!
EDIT: Er, to avoid confusion, by small conflict I meant the mod clashing with Skip's flashlight specifically. Not the fact that it clashes with other chars' abilities, which can be quite important in general.
I would like to ask you something in regards to this addon, I was wondering if you were interested in perhaps working with me on an idea I had for my character addon, Pierre the Peacock
I've always imagined and played with the idea of him being a fashion buff. Loving accessories, wearing outfits and loving talking about it. And, Pierre is lacking in small extra interactions that other popular addons have
I had a thought a while back, about him incorporating your Cosmetics addon. Holding a custom key to hold out his hands, offering a hat to any player that may come into contact with him. And then of course, that hat would be placed on their head
Effectively, it takes a random hat from the addon every time Pierre offers one. And places it on a character's head

Would this be something you are willing to collaborate with me on? I would love not only to incorporate Pierre's love of fashion into his addon, but to flourish his multiplayer experience with something interactive
Man... i added like more hats, sounds and a bit of stuffs on this. Can i merge some of it on mine???

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