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B. Comet

Fun is still infinite.

"After 9 years in development, hopefully, it was worth the wait" (because I am still slow)... Here it is, my own character pack! Which currently has 6 racers, which are:

- Mac Tonight
- Super Hang-On
- The Bonanza Bros
- Spy (Team Fortress 2)
- G. Ceara (Super Monaco GP)

I did my best for all those characters to look the best I could, I hope you enjoy playing with them as much as I liked working on the pack.



- AozoraJustin/SuperJustinBros: Bonanza Bros and Spy (original) kart templates, SEGA's big asymmetrical template and feedback.
- Namolos: Lua Engine
- The Kart Krew Discord: Feedback and tips.
- Creators.TF Discord: Feedback on the Spy mod.
- GEX CHAT (I love you guys).
- HattyBoyo (Probably still knows why).
- SEGA: For the orginal games.


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  • KC_BonanzaBros_v2.3.pk3
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  • KC_MacTonight_v2.2.pk3
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  • KC_SEGALogo_v2.pk3
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  • KC_SpyTF2_v2.1.pk3
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  • KCL_CometChars-v6.2.pk3
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  • KCL_G._Ceara_v2.pk3
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B. Comet

Fun is still infinite.
v1.1 Update!​


A quality of life update, because I love doing those.

- All of the Spy sprites have been adjusted to look a bit taller and less hunchback.
- Updated the front drift sprite and turning one.
- The small player icon was changed to a new one (you can see it on the Bros gif), and the signpost/big icon were updated to look better with a new shading and less banding.

Bonanza Bros
- Their heads had a size inconsistency between the turning/and drifting sprites, making it look weird in motion, all of them were fixed.
- The shading around their bodies was removed, and on the heads updated to always stay on the top.
- Fixed Mobo (smol bro) having a missing head on the front sprite.
- All of the sprites had some unnecessary banding removed.

Super Hang-On
- Sideways sprite head was too small, now changed to match the rest.
- Overall sprites had very minor touch-ups.

That is it for today! Just be careful and download the new version instead!
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B. Comet

Fun is still infinite.
v2 Update!

Yes, a F1 Car. And it's really big and out of place!

With sprites coming straight from the Mega Drive's Super Monaco GP, the SG 1000 V8 is the newest addition to the pack. Meant to be kinda of a joke character and sort of a homage to the original game, with all the sounds coming from there.
The only thing I did was to rip the sprites and edit them to fit a little bit better in the game.
The car or the driver themselves don't have a fixed name, being referred as "You" in Super Monaco GP's World Tournament mode. However, the engine of the car is called "SG1000 V8", a reference to SEGA's first home console, so I thought that was a fitting name for the mod itself.

I hope you enjoy playing with the updated pack!
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B. Comet

Fun is still infinite.
v3 Update!

One hell of a quality of life update.

Featuring a complete rework of the Bonanza Bros and improvements to other two racers. Just now I noticed that all the characters involved are from SEGA IP's.
Now, to the patch notes.

Bonanza Bros
- ALL the sprites have recieved a major rework, including even a new neat looking signpost and spinout frames to give them more personality.

Super Hang-On
- The tires now move on some sprites! It makes the mod less static looking and reflects better It's look in the original game.
- All the sprites recieved minor touch up's and have been recolored, it looks A LOT less dull and muted.
- New minimap icon.

SG 1000 V8
- Now it's two toned, uses Quarry as a default color.
- Sounds have been reworked, including a proper gloat.
- Sprites have been repositioned to look better in the rotations, plus a updated signpost.

I am personally very proud of this update, I wanted to include more but that would also mean having to wait more time to update the Bros mod, leaving them in their old and ugly state.
I hope you enjoy this update! Maybe a new character next time...?
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B. Comet

Fun is still infinite.
v3.1 Update!

Enjoy Yourself...​

In the past year I released my first mod, which was Mac Tonight. Back then I said: "I think I can make his sprite better looking in the future".
Guess what? Today is the future!

All of his sprites got a big rework! Now he has a new and bigger body to fit better the size of it's big iconic moon shaped head (which also got changed!), a new mugshot and a revised voice clip. With this, all of his inconsistencies and past issues got fixed!

That is it for today! As a little bonus, all of the racers on this pack are now available to be downloaded individually if you prefer.
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B. Comet

Fun is still infinite.
v4 Update!
Another motorsport update.

Hello again! This time the update focus on the addition of the custom engine sounds to both SG1000 and Super Hang-On. Plus some minor fixes for Mac Tonight.

Super Hang-On
- Updated (AGAIN) the sprites, so now the "8" on the front looks better and all the the rest was revised to resemble a little bit more the arcade sprites, including the signpost.
- Added custom engine sounds, all taken from the arcade game.

- Fixed the signpost and minimap icon.
- Reworked some of the sounds, now it uses voice samples of Ayrton Senna in Super Monaco GP 2.
- Added custom engine sounds, taken from Super Monaco GP 1.

Mac Tonight
- Refined the sprites a bit.
- Changed the slow sound (FOR THE 5TH TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THIS MOD).

Now that both these characters have a lua script attached to them, you won't be able to use it on Time Attack, for that reason I am providing a lua less version of them in a zip file.
I was planning to make a bigger update, but I had those done for a long time so I wanted to release it from my folders already...

That is it, enjoy!
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B. Comet

Fun is still infinite.
v5 Update!
After some long delays...

Let's go to the usual patch notes? This time we got a character rework and a little bonus to go alongside it.

- All of his player sprites were remade from the ground up! The signpost and his personal kart (inspired by the bumper cars in TF2) got general refinements and edits.
- Default color changed to "Navy".

Super Hang-On
- The drift sprite was updated, with the addition of a sprite that was missing from the original game. (For some reason, when I originally made the mod, I thought that the sprite was too big, glad to see that I was wrong.)
- Sprites and colors were refined a bit again, looking more vibrant now.

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B. Comet

Fun is still infinite.
v5.2 Update!



SG1000 was completely reworked into G. Ceara! Completely new sprites and sounds! Now, before you ask "who is this guy?", I will tell you.

In short, G. Ceara is a secret rival NPC in the first Super Monaco GP game, notorious for being tough as f*ck to beat, he challenges you out of nowhere after meeting all the requirements and lets out his famous catchphrase "Your days are gone!", decipted in the signpost. He is also a obvious parody of late F1 Brazilian pilot, Ayrton Senna.

When revising the mod, I found out that the second game had reworked sprites, which looks a lot better than the ones from the first game. Also, all of the voice samples were switched for the ones used in the SEGA CD port, which sounds a lot better.

Also, kinda unrelated to the mod, but, I put all of the previous gifs under Spoiler tags to make it easier to load this page. I guess it worked...?
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B. Comet

Fun is still infinite.
v6 Update!


Yes, SEGA was added. Enjoy it, because fun is infinite with this mod.​
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