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Winter is here. AND IT'S COLD!

That being said, I'm assuming your 24H entry's CS-Surf-Map building blocks are a mainstay now?


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...I had the wonderful luck of playing this stage on a shitty laptop at my grandparent's house in version 2.2.0 at a constant 14 fps without a mouse.

Gotta say though, it's a testament to the level that I still found enjoyment out of it despite this. It was pretty frustrating getting caught in a continuous loop of falling down to that one section and having to platform back up.

Also, the colormap is pretty.


Did one playthrough of Amy, and I gotta admit I was certainly very confused first time around. It took me about 5 loops through the one section before I realized that there was ground for me to break as Amy to progress. I found myself getting lost a lot in this stage, and a lot of the springs didn't line up as nicely as I'd prefer. There were so many back and forth springs that I sort of wish weren't there. Some kind of teleport pad (or the springs not being there at all) would have been nicer in my opinion.

It wasn't a terrible map, I liked the colors and the hint of snow, but it felt (to me) a little aimless, and a little directionless. I feel like the stage didn't have a very strong core/identity to it that felt like it made good use of level mechanics. There didn't feel like there were any set pieces that truly made it standout. It's a solid attempt, and I hope to see more from you! But I just wanted to share my general thoughts on the stage.

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