Mediocre Lua scripter
Fellow badniks, I have been working on a project while you were out to hunt down Sonic." - Eggman started.
- "Much like Metal Sonic, it is designed to copy Sonic. But not only Sonic.
It is designed to copy everything and everyone he sees.
Feast your eyes upon:
[highlight]The Portable Egg-o-Hologram 3.0[/highlight], also known as..."
The Clone Fighter
That's right, a pretty obscure but noticeable appearance from Sonic The Fighters, Clone Fighter joins the crew!

[highlight]ABILITY:[/highlight] Shape Shift
Clone Fighter doesn't have any unique sprites. Instead, he can shapeshift into other characters!
Press Custom Action 1 to Shape Shift into the previous character, or Custom Action 2 to Shape Shift into the next!

Even supports modded characters... partially.

Th- That's it.
He can shapeshift.

That's right, you can also team up with Metal Sonic as C.F.

Mix and match your strategies with the two robots!

Okay, now that's it.
Special thanks to Rapidgame7, without his help I couldn't have created this addon.
I hope you enjoy playing as Clone Fighter as much as I did making it!
Initial release
  • Fixed C.F. appearing invisible in Multiplayer if you select him
  • Improved the cl_enable command a bit
  • Changed the default value of cl_reminder to 1
  • (NEW hotfix) Undid the improvements to cl_enable
  • (NEW hotfix) Replaced local variables for the skins with player_t veriables

Initial build
  • A stat backtrack error suddenly appears sometimes when you switch between characters, causing you to not be able to switch between Sonic and the last character loaded (or Metal if in vanilla)
  • On Mac OS, the game crashes when you begin charging a Spin Dash. Somehow.

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(ノಠ⺫ಠ)ノ ︵
Yo, anton! Nice work getting this into releases! Been waiting for this since the editing post. Nice work!
haha funny sonic the fighters reference that everyone's gonna overlook funny haha
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Actually, after testing this out with the Real Shadow Mod by Inazuma, C.F can use lua abilities! on top of that, he's actually perfectly compatible with jeck jim's models, since he just uses greyscaled character sprites! Great job!


known as MM2Wood in-game
i found out it perfectly works with Modern Sonic.
even if swapping can give a small error, the rest is ok and everything works very nice


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sonic heroes is a good game
I switched to clone sonic, and exited out to the menu, and now it won't let me switch.


known as MM2Wood in-game
btw i found out that using shadow and pressing Custom action one would not let him switch character.
thankfully you can press Custom Action 2 and still swap using that button (CA1 works with the others but Shadow).

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another thing that i like is that it works very well with XMomentum characters.
this truly is the coolest character made


(ノಠ⺫ಠ)ノ ︵
Nothing but positives, Amazing job on this! So far I haven't had any problems.


That guy who did SRB2 Races
I like how you made a simple clone character into an actual fun character. or....characters? idk.


Clone Figher Spincharge SIGSEV

I like how the concept is handled with this mod!
Here's something curious I feel may be important to mention.
Oh, and by the way, this is coming from a Mac OS user, so I'm not sure how much things change.
Regardless, I added as many characters as I could (Clone Fighter included, of course) and ran into an issue: When I use Spin charge, the game gives me a SIGSEV.
No error appeared in the console before hand, and it has consistently crashed trying to Spin charge (the 2nd attempt was from a roll, weirdly enough).
The characters that I added were: Junio Sonic, Kirby, Legacy Flame the Dragon, Kanade, Modern Sonic, Shadow, RCharacters (Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll), Skip, EggPack, Gemma, Dirk Chars, Bandages, Neo Sonic, Silver, and Milne.
17 in total, counting Clone Fighter. Maybe one of them causes the issue, but I'm not sure if it's them or something regarding Clone Fighter itself, mainly because the first SIGSEV, I believe, was without adding any characters except CF.
EDIT: Here's a screenshot of a SIGSEV I was able to replicate very quickly.
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I found a bug if you go multiplayer you cannot change as clone fighter and u get a metal sonic with a thok

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