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[Reusable] Character Super Themes 1.2

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.


It dose work it said he had 6 super themes but when I set it to the second one it stays on the first one
Pointy has no super theme variants (or any set super theme). It turns out that I mistakenly set it so instead of setting the super theme list of a character without one to {"_super"}, it sets it to "_super". Due to that, when the error message tells how long the list is, it reports the length of "_super" (6) rather than {"super"} (1). This is fixed in the version I'm about to release.


Can someone send me a link to the Charmy bee mod pls
I do not believe there is currently one for 2.2; one can find some unofficial 2.1 ports offsite, however. I myself have a work-in-progress Charmy mod, but I do not have sprites for him (besides a sign post made by somebody I know.)


I'm not sure how to bring this up, but I was able to fix an issue where this mod and CrossMomentum - and a few other mods - would cause the game to slow down drastically. I should preface that I am no LUA scripter. I'm not even a scripter in general. I'm sure that there are better ways of fixing this, but it's what I was able to come up with that solved the issue.

Okay, so the main issue is that Xmomentum's Hyper forms are conflicting with this mod. If you ever went Hyper with Super Themes enabled, the game would suffer from serious slowdown and the music would be stuck in place. Super Themes is trying to play its custom music, but so is XMomentum which creates this constant conflict/fight over whose theme plays. The same thing happens with the Max Control Pack mod, where the characters have their own Hyper forms with custom music too.

So the fix - that I could come up with since my, "Skill Level," is practically nonexistent, - would be to have Super Themes stop playing when someone goes Hyper. There's a line in the LUA that states:

if player.powers[pw_super] then ...

So I added some checks to that line:

if player.powers[pw_super] and not player.mchyper and not (player.hyper and player.hyper.capable and player.powers[pw_super]) and not ( == "modernsonic") then ....

That last check with Modern Sonic is there because he just doesn't work with this mod. He has his own Super theme included and it breaks whenever Super Themes is enabled, however it does not slow the game down. There's probably a way to fix him, but I have no idea how.

I apologize if this came out of nowhere. Like I said, I'm not really good with programming. I'm sure there are better ways that go about solving the issue, but I wanted to bring this up and present a solution instead of just saying, "Mod broken, lol." However, there might still be issues with my method/scripting. I've done tests after tests, and although it seems to work fine for me, I wouldn't be surprised if I had missed something. Regardless, I hope that this fix helps.

Take care!

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