BuddyEx v1.2

Sonamous 47

Extremely Strong Hedgehog
Also When Add my characters it would say you have 3 bots or the bot has a different color palette please help :(


Also, this mod is great! Like I said I like chaos and this is exactly that! Especially in multiplayer. But this breaks a lot of characters, like for example neo sonic. But uh since the new update came out i'm going to try it now!


Hey all, Peppermint here.
srb2 jte 2.2 no fake

this is actually my fav mod, its pretty awsome, no crashes, no resynchs, i love it.


sonic heroes is a good game

Sonic Robo Blast Generations.

This is bringing back good memories.
i tried this for just a few minutes and i can safely say i am already a big fan

super fun to go onto singleplayer, max your addons with characters and buddyex, then add one of each character. the ability to swap between a bunch characters at any time is super chaotic and fun, i love it.

though one issue i had with the addon is how whenever you jump (or do any action if all your bots are the same character), all your bots try to jump at the same time. if you have a bunch of them (say, 25), you will hear each one at the same time. the volume stacks. not sure how this would even get fixed or if it can be fixed, but just wanted to put it out there.


This mod is so amazing probably one of my favorite mods ever! I really wanted this to happen but now it's a reality.


Mediocre Lua scripter
SRB2 but Tails stole the camera again!..

Really though, good mod.


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