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So a couple things: I've renamed the file to "Bowler's Pack" as I'm planning on releasing more maps after finally getting a fifth original map. "Bowl" is still in the name, so it'll be easy enough to remember. In any case, I got two new maps for you to check out! Inchworm Forest and Ricco Harbor!

Please see change log for details!

Also, this pack now uses custom game data, so old replays may not be compatible anymore. Just a heads up.

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Sorry, had to make a small change to remove the apostrophe in the file name. Apparently some people ran into trouble hosting the file with it present.
V 1.9.2 is now out! To celebrate for kart's 2nd anniversary, my first map has gone through a lot of minor changes. Please check out Mushroom Kingdom to see what's new!

Also I removed my dev RA times of these courses as I feel I could do a much better job at racing them than what I actually did. The pack still have custom game data, but expect your ghosts to desync on Mushroom Kingdom.
V 1.9.3 is now available

This mainly changes some textures in Ricco Harbor to make the road more friendly to the eyes.
Version 1.9.4

Visual updates to both Cheese Land and Airship Fortress have been made. Now they are less crusty than before!
Version 1.9.5 HOTFIX

Sorry, previous version had a death sector on the main road in Inchworm Forest. Whoops!

Use this version instead.
If you hit this ramp in Cheese Land at a certain angle, you just die.

SoupBowler updated Bowler's Pack [V1.9.6] - Cheese Land Waypoint Fix with a new update entry:

1.9.7: Miscellanous Changes

V 1.9.7

- Added track pack banner to a few maps

- Fixed players hitting death sector off of second ramp jump
- Made small hill textures/flats bigger

- Raised the mini airship to make visibility on tower entrance slightly better

- Changed two random wall textures in underground because it only bothered me for some reason

- Hopefully made a change that prevents sigsev's on Encore Load

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SoupBowler updated Bowler's Pack - Minor Fixes with a new update entry:

Version 1.9.8: The Battle Update

This post now has three separate files of varying contents.
- KRBL: The Full "Bowler's Pack" experience!
- KRL: Just the Race maps are included. Uses some Lua.
- KB: Just the Battle maps are included.

Please avoid loading more than one of these at once if hosting on servers to prevent duplicating or overwriting assets.

LATEST: V 1.9.8

- Battle Maps are now available! Please check the download section for...

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SoupBowler updated Bowler's Pack - BATTLE UPDATE (Ft. Hexagon Heat from Mario Party 2!) with a new update entry:

BATTLE UPDATE (Ft. Hexagon Heat from Mario Party 2!) - Quick Fix

V 1.9.9

- Adjusted the side slopes on the mini-ship to be gentler

- Removed some ice on the inside big ice U turn
- Changed some of the road edge flats for alignment purposes

- Actually put the new encore music I meant to put in the last update into the files (whoops)

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My game keeps crashing, when I try to load up Winter Garden Zone in encore mode, while also having
the Dynamic Music mod by wolfs enabled
Im getting this error by using the full pack (KRBL) and loading Omega Pack after it:

I_Error(): P_InitPicAnims: bad cycle from MKQUESF1 to MKQUESF4
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Game crashes when I try to load Winter Garden Encore mode, while having other addons loaded.
I keep getting sigsev's
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You should maybe rework the final lap sound in Mushroom Kingdom since it apparently causes servers to crash at random, try doing it in lua instead like how the daytona usa announcer does it's check of if the player is on the final lap then the sound is played though it would also need a check so that if the map id is mushroom kingdom, then the script takes effect only there.
Wanted to shout out Ricco Harbor. Lots of detail and care poured into referencing Sunshine while the track is very fun with having to manage the moving grates, which is itself another fitting reference to the level. Dang near 10/10 track!

Also, is there any way to add the bullet bills to the beginning of Airship Fortress? I don't know if there is a reason for not adding them in the first place, but its absence is missed to this big Mario Kart fan.
SoupBowler updated Bowler's Pack - BATTLE UPDATE (Ft. Hexagon Heat from Mario Party 2!) with a new update entry:

Bowler's Pack - Open Source, Cease of Development

Hi. This is SoupBowler.
I've been gone for almost a full year from the Kart scene. This is due to personal reason I shall not disclose here.
I had silently retired from the game when the new year started and slowly left any Kart focused Discord server excluding a few that I hang out in for non-Kart reasons.
I have no plans to comeback, and I have no interest in the sequel that much. I do realize, however, that there is a small amount of people in this community that actually liked my maps...

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Sad to see you leave, but mad respect for letting us know and making your maps open source. Thank you for introducing the first map pack I ever played and enjoyed!
Pretty much the same thoughts as Pikaspoop. Huge respect for making your work re-usable before leaving. There are many addons that unfortunately just "die" because the author left the scene and left their work untouchable, which still affects very popular game modification addons to this day.

I wish you the very best and your maps are definitely wonderful. I am one of those people, as well as many others that played and enjoyed your maps!

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