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Amy Rose Alternate Moveset (v1.0)


Amy Rose Alternate Moveset​
by Bluestreak

This mod gives Amy a completely new moveset for people who are sick and tired of the overall Amy experience.

The list of changes includes

  • Amy now spins when jumping.
  • Amy can now roll.
  • Amy can now Spindash.
  • The Twinspin now acts like the Insta-Shield.
  • Amy now has a Super form.
  • Pressing C3 on the ground will perform a Hammer Jump that gets stronger when Super.
  • Amy can now be paired with Sonic or Tails.
  • Sonic & Amy is playable.

I hope you enjoy this mod! I had fun making it!


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Larz T

Sorry this took so long but welcome to releases!

A few things to note is that on the character select screen, I find it a little odd when scrolling down, Amy character duos are first and then Amy is last on the list. Also I'm kind of curious as to why the Hammer Jump is mapped to Custom 3? Other than those nitpicks, she functions and it's an interesting spin on the Amy gameplay. I like the Pity Shield stock she provides when she's your partner.
Yeah, it's a downgrade as i agree with everyone else's opinions that say that it makes Amy not Amy or whatever. Not to degrade your work ofc, just personally I dont agree with it
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Probably dead.
Alright, i'll try to be the most kind possible...

Giving amy an spindash and saying it's "improvement" isn't true.

This isn't improvement, is just making a good character being yet another Spin-Character.

I mean, yeah, good mod, but should have another name like... "Amy Rose Spin Mod".
calling this improvement isn't correct.

"being vulnerable when jumping is lame"

That's what makes Amy different to the rest, is not a lame, is an way to play.
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Skilled at being bad!
I feel like giving Amy a spindash and a rolling jump makes Amy a lot less unique. Amy's hammer gives her extra range and she fills the niché of a supporting character in Multiplayer due to her pity shields. I personally think Amy was made for people who wanted something different in their gameplay, she cannot take certain paths (or one half of the stage in Egg Rock Zone Act 1) and she was probably made with experienced players in mind. If the game gave you Amy at the start, a new player may choose her first and dislike her gameplay thinking some of her stuff applies to every character.

Another issue I have with Amy having a Spindash is that using her hammer on springs for extra height requires you to use your hammer midair, which makes it harder to do than just using your hammer on the ground. The hammer attack within vanilla Amy also presents itself as a learning curve in terms of Speedrunning as Amy as you slow down immensely if you miss a spring.

However, I do think I'm probably the wrong person for this LUA since I'm too used to vanilla Amy lol.
This mod is good, but it's not an improvement. I think Amy is supposed to be the way she already is to focus on platforming more than speed, which is what makes her unique. This mod makes Amy blend in more with the crowd. Plus, I don't think the spindash really fits Amy's persona. I like this mod, it's not offensive in any way, there's nothing really bad about it, but it doesn't improve anything about Amy.


The dumbest man
Honestly, I don't know why I need this mod. Being vulnerable while jumping is Amy's trait and flaw. And if you allow spins when jumping, then it turns into absolute imba.

Anyway, it was fun to run and jump.


known as MM2Wood in-game
what i think about this "improvement"

what makes Amy original and unique is the fact that with Fang they are unable to spindash or to do the same stuff like the others, so the devs have created alternative routes specifically for them.
like, you know, doing something different from the repetitive "spin and jump" shenanigans

what I would like in this mod is:
  1. remove spin jump, spindash and the ability to roll completely, and reverted it to vanilla (or modify it to make it "better")
  2. try to mix the basic moveset with that of Amy 2.1, so as to make it a pretty useful hybrid (this is an idea that could work)
  3. try to make the hammer swing jump work very similar to the insta-shield (for the ability and about how it works)
  4. maybe try to change the skin color? (use Pink instead of Rosy)

ps: sorry if i sounded really rude and negative about this, it's just that doesn't feel right
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Maybe to differentiate her from the other spin characters, she could have her moveset based on Advance 3. Going by Advance 3, her moveset would be as follows:

1: Can roll, but not spindash
2: Doesn't spin when starting a jump, but pressing jump again puts her into her ball state
3: Everything else is hammer abilities.

If it's possible for the spindash to be separate from the roll, this would make Amy an interesting play-style while still making sense within the game.


Why hello there ~♥
This ain't an improvement. This is a downgrade. Where's her piko piko splash and her aerial hammer jump? Now she's just like everybody else without her unique gameplay. If you really wanted Amy to curl up into a ball, you could have incorporated that with her hammer technique.


Title has been updated.

Your criticisms are important to me and i've changed a few things so people don't get the wrong idea.
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Pink Mario

uh maybe you could make it like sonic advance 2 ? (she had a spin jump in that game) or the sonic and amy combo in sonic advance 3 ? (she had a spin jump in that combo too) so maybe a added air dash or hammer drill?

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also can u change the super color to red? it looks much better on amy


Skilled at being bad!
One error I found is that if you have this mod loaded and you use another character, they still have the custom 3 jump.


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The living revolution
Pretty great mod for any Sonic Mania/Sonic 3 A.I.R. users out there. Though, there are a few errors and suggestions I like to point out:

  • Every other character has Amy's hammer jump with this mod enabled.
  • Amy will continue bouncing as long as Custom 3 is held.
  • Amy can still do a hammer jump after clearing a stage.
  • The hammer should act more as an Insta-Shield against enemies and bosses only (ex: being able to hit a Spincushion or pass through a boss laser).
  • The hammer should have a bigger hitbox as the smaller one only makes hitting enemies and springs harder.
  • The heart particles that spawn after hitting an enemy or spring should also have a bigger hitbox and should be able to deal damage to enemies and bosses around them.
  • Add a hammer stomp (spin + Custom 3 in the air) that allows Amy to dive down to the ground, like in ROM hacks of old.
Other than those issues, I'd say this mod's alright.
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The living revolution
Other than that, I'd say this mod's pretty great because I'm used to playing as Amy the way you would in Sonic Mania or Sonic 3 A.I.R.


The living revolution
OK, since no one's going to attempt this, I've decided to at least fix something in this mod. This new code fixes the hammer jump so not only is it canceled when you clear a stage, but also restricted to Amy only, as it should be.


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