local wild wing driver
This is... my folder!

I see you've stumbled upon my files and recently found my folder full of characters. Take a look at what you've found there.


Seems like you found eleven characters, with one being separated from the main pack.

Character info:
Although there has already been a Sanic running at the speed of sound in this game, he never thought of bringing a vehicle until now. Including stats of 9,4, we already know that since Sanic is naturally very fast and agile, so that was granted in his vehicle as well. This Sanic specifically was made to go along with Mayro.

The Sanicball has noticed the fast paced gameplay of SRB2Kart, and since there weren't any characters that rolled, it decided to enter the race to show the true power of the MLG Rotating Speed. With stats of 8,1, this blue ball will have to drift a long time to keep it's fasts/h at a high number.

Aluigi, after looking at a certain version of a Hornet driving around the courses, has decided to enter the competition. But he didn't just get himself in on this, as he also brought the Wild Wing from Mario Kart Wii to give him stats of 9,7! Don't expect him to have a very well time with items, as he's better off driving by himself.

Scratch Cat:
Oh look! It's the cat from coding program Scratch! Seems like they found a way to program themselves into the game, huh? Anyway, this orange cat has stats of 3,5 mostly to help out beginners to get through the tracks with ease while also having a very good spark rate to take the turns quickly.

Bear (Fun Run):
Taking his appearance from Fun Run 3, the Bear has entered the race to... who knows, exactly? Take a walk? Kill everyone in sight? Up to the player to find out. With stats of 4,2, this bear has average-ish speed, and takes turns well, but can be wiped off easily.
WARNING: This character contains blood for it's hurt sprites. If you do not wish to see it, it's recommended to use the bloodless version at the character's individual page.

No$GBA Logo:
... You... must have played in this emulator so much that it taught itself how to drive a kart. It's... making noise as well? Huh. Anyway, it's stats are 5,7 to reflect the emulator's audio when playing most, if not all Nintendo DS games, and Mario Kart DS' "snaking" in the shape of having good spark rate. ... Nobody knows how it got here, though.

You might think that this is just a shopping cart, but i can confirm that it's got much more going for it, like being able to race against sentient RC cars..
in one way or another, like stopping them right at the finish line, making this the pure definition of a 1,9 racer in my opinion. Oh, and it's huge to say the very least. Acurracy.

Nintendo Wii:
You didn't read that incorrectly. It's a Nintendo Wii, driving a kart. What a time to live. It's stats are 6,8 and it's featuring voice clips from Wii Sports' Announcer and Crowd! ... ... ... and a very familiar sound if something bad happens to you.

Otherwise known as... Block Boy? This character comes from KoGaMa, a very simple game that's always been obscure to most people. To reflect the game's slow movement, Tourist here has 2,3 for stats. (This is a very silent character, and only contains a sound for using powerful items.)

Seems like Firey wanted to see how fast he could run in an actual race. He's a fast runner, after all. With 9,2 for stats, he'll definetly need some time to accelerate, and he's able to get pushed by a lot of people, but to compensate, he can take turns tighter with a higher top speed overall.
(Thanks to hoppingicon for helping with his voice clips.)​

Also coming individually will be a (technically updated) version of Aluigi that has him driving the standard kart, that has been separately updated multiple times, now reaching version 2,4, which is also conveniently, his stats.

Why the pack's name? Well, these are maker in a Kartmaker folder, and each character has their own folder, and when you'll get them, you'd put them in a folder, inside of your Kart FOLDER! ... am i smart yet?

In any case, though, i hope you enjoy playing as these chars.


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local wild wing driver
Pack updated to v1.5 to add 2 new characters;
- Nintendo Wii
- Tourist
as well as cool character descriptions, yay
I just wanted to say Thank You for using the Wii's crash sound as its lose theme. Ah, memories of Brawl+ crashing when I put a corrupted skin into the game...


local wild wing driver
Now updated to 1.9, to fix some issues with the Wii's sprites, as well as updating Scratch Cat.


local wild wing driver
The pack itself has not been updated, but it now adds a separate version of Aluigi that drives the standard kart instead of the Wild Wing.

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