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Cream has finally made it to Sonic Robo Blast 2, on her Advance form!
She plays similarly to Advance Sonic, however with her moveset and own changes.
She comes with the following skills:

Boost Mode!
If Cream runs for some seconds without stopping, she will break the sound barrier, and enter Boost Mode, just like in Advance 2/3. However, she takes a little longer to activate it than Advance Sonic.
Spring Tricks!
Once you hit a spring, you can either press the spin button or the jump button in order to perform 2 tricks she had in Advance 2/3.
Press jump while in mid-air in order to fly! The duration is less than Tails', though, it's useful in a pinch!
Cheese Attack!
Press the Ring Toss button in order to throw your Chao at enemies, hazards, or monitors!
Golden Shine (Once SMS) - I seriously couldn't have done this without Shine's help, who helped me with the coding.
Crum - For making the base Advance Sonic addon, and Advance HUD addon, and for giving me permission to use the addon as a base.
(Please note that Crum made Advance Sonic, not me. I only made Advance Cream.)
Badz/Badnik - For making the Cheese LUA code, without the code, Cheese would not have worked at all, and for giving me permission to use the code.
SMSGARDIAN - For helping me find Cream's trick sound effects.

Advance Cream has been discontinued. She was pretty much my first project, which managed to get me into SRB2 modding, and also I learned the basics and the more advanced features as I went on. I'm not really updating her anymore or have any plans to do it, but if anyone wants to remake Advance Cream somehow and give her better abilities more similar to the actual game and with better sprites, feel free to do so.

Supporters / CoAuthors

Extra Note: Crum made Advance Sonic, not me. I merely used Advance Sonic as a base with their permission, so don't go around claiming I made him, lol.


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All permissions check out now, so into releases. Sprite rips aren't usually my thing, but I appreciate all the extra work that went into giving her an Advance 2 style hud and the custom abilities.

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Nice mod! The sprites are a little odd but other than that, it's pretty fun. (Nice to have the god of destruction cheese in 2.2 heheh)

But please fix the images here, they are SO Small!


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Her life-up icon is too big for the 1-up monitor and her walking animation seems to not loop properly. I also think Cheese should be on Custom Button 1 and not Ring Toss.

No complaints other than that though. I really like Cream and I'm happy to have her here at long last.


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Thanks for the thoughts, everyone! v1.1 will be coming out soon, I already added more flying frames, I just need to fix the walking/running frames, since they still look a little odd. (Editing Cream's ears isn't a simple task-) I'll try to keep improving Cream in any way I can.


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Can I add that the only criticism I have that isn't addressed in your update soon is that the forward trick does damage? That was kind of her biggest weakness in Advance 2, like Tails.


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Version 1.1 is out!

Hey folks! Version 1.1 is out, fixing Cream's walk frames, and her flying frames. Her idle animation is also faster. There's still sounds and misc. details to fix, so stay tuned on the next update!
Can I add that the only criticism I have that isn't addressed in your update soon is that the forward trick does damage? That was kind of her biggest weakness in Advance 2, like Tails.
Ah, I forgot to remove that hitbox. I'll fix that in the next update.
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Problem encountered!

It seems that when adding Advance Cream after Advance Sonic, Cream's nameplate takes over both.
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Amazing! It finally released! I can't wait to try it out. I'll update it when I do.

Edit: Chao op please dont nerf
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Couldn't Cream cancel out of flight with the attack button? That sounds like a nightmare to balance, but also sounds like a fun thing to attempt to implement for a unique trade-off in losing boost mode but not speed.

A couple nitpicks: Cream's forward trick doesn't give height, while Advance 2 gives Cream a bit of height, like Tails's, to differentiate from the pure Speed and Damage tricks of Sonic, Knux and Amy.

Cream's ears can do damage in flight. Example attached.


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Yet another nitpick that can only be described as such: Cream's boost mode particles fly at the start of a level. Example attached.


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Hey everyone! I checked all of the complaints, and I'll try fixing most of these in the next patch, however, due to other SRB2 projects I had in mind, I'll be delaying the patch to the next weeks, If I manage to finish these projects in time, I'll maybe release the patch before the delay, Thanks for all the support!
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ok i dont understand why do you use the capture the flag controls, can't you just use the custom buttons? those were put in with the purpose of modders using it for special abilities.



and now that we have advance sonic advance cream why not advance amy advance knux and advance tails?
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