So I have a bit of an odd problem. Last night I was able to play this just fine, got through the tutorial, got my multiplayer stuff set up, I even re-launched after and it was still working fine. Today I was going to try to play with some friends, and for some reason when I launch the SRB2 Persona exe file, I get a SIGSEGV error and the game crashes. I've even tried re-installing SRB2 entirely and re-installing the mod, and it's still not working. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm playing on Win10 btw.

Edit: I fixed it. I went into the config and noticed it was set to an odd screen resolution for some reason. I changed it to 1920x1080 and that solved my problem.
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As I stated in the OP, it's pivotal that you get every player to join before the game starts, joining mid-game is still completely broken for reasons beyond my understanding.

Yeah, mid-game joiners cause synch issues, but all the other issues mentioned happen even with everyone in-game before the game starts. The only thing I can think of is that the method people use to reset when things go wrong (forcefully going back to MAP01) is also causing issues, in which case it could probably be somewhat fixed by making a way to do that in-game?

Edit: Couple more problems that occur even if no mid-game joiners happen:

PVP sometimes just doesn't load. One team ends up stuck under the map, the other fights absolutely nothing and quickly gets softlocked.
Usually, dropping and NOT rejoining works fine. One player will end up taking over for them. Except, if you were fighting a boss, the team will get stuck at "communicating..." afterwards.

And one more balance thing: Fire seems to be really rare. Basically the only way you can get it is through Sonic or Shadow, or a fire skill card dropping, the latter of which is rare and the former is also rare because not many people seem to actually play Sonic (or especially Shadow, who's basically Sonic again.) I'm not really good enough at Persona to figure out why, but I've never really seen a team need them, or even really want them at any point other than for their fire. (If I had to wager a guess, it'd be because magic attacks tend to be strictly better than physical, because physical weaknesses are not exactly common.)
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Very cool!

...Now i just wonder how long until Kirby, the Half Life scientists, and all my other favorite characters get modded in...
I have NEVER played pesona before but THIS IS AMAZING I have never liked and rpg but THIS OHOH THIS THIS IS GREAT THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME THE BEST RPG EVER
You have once again put a smile on my face. I can't wait to fight the reaper for the 88th time today and lose.
Progress Update (tm) (R) (c)

1.1 patch is coming along well and so far seems to help a lot with mid-game joining (And obviously has a lot of fixes and QOL improvements from critiques/struggles I saw people have in their first times). Don't expect it to work flawlessly but it's definitely an improvement so far.

Could an alternate download be provided? The dropbox link is not working for me
There's another download in attachments at the bottom of the OP.

I cannot get this to work for the life of me. Can someone give a guide on how?

If you don't have SRB2 2.2.8 (or later version) installed, download it and make sure to give it its own dedicated folder like you would with any other game.
Then download SRB2P and drop its files in your SRB2 folder.
Once that's done you just need to click SRB2Persona.exe to play.

If you own a Mac machine, refer to the dedicated download on the OP.
If you own a Linux machine, you will have to compile the executable yourself and use the other files from the Windows download.
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Patch 1.1 release

First of all I wanted to thank everyone for the feedback they've provided, as well as the videos/streams online as this was definitely food for thought on about design decisions, especially in the future of the mod. Without further ado, here is the 1.1 patch which hopefully shouldn't break as badly as this rocky first release did!

Download is available on the OP.

  • V1.1
    • Gameplay
      • Amy no longer has Recarm in PvP.
    • Quality of Life
      • Added OpenGL menu options under Display settings
      • Added 'Return to Lobby' options in multiplayer escape menu
      • Custom battle music is now previewed in a prompt before being added in your list
      • When leveling up, you can now see the skill descriptions of your new skill and the skill you are about to forget
    • Fixes...
      • Improved mid-game joining stability.
        • This is done by temporarily pausing the game to resynchronize the RNG which seems to be the cause of the issue.
        • I still don't recommend mid-game joining as I can't guarantee its stability.
      • Fixed Analysis being repellable by Makarakarn
      • Fixed duplicate Emerald Skills
      • Fixed being able to sustain critical hits during the tutorial, potentially softlocking it.
      • Fixed Succubus having an invalid skill.
      • Fixed enemies not disappearing if they had died from a repelled auto attack of theirs.
      • Fixed the Rampage Drive targetting dead players still.
      • Fixed the lives count displaying outside of Tartarus exploration mode if a session had been played beforehand
      • Fixed being able to create parties outside of Tartarus exploration
      • Fixed the complete inability to make custom challenge battles.

I'm also still in the process of writing a comprehensive modding documentation which will probably come out by this weekend, I'm currently at 18 pages and counting, so y'all sure will have some reading...
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This is now one of my favorite "Exe Mods" i have ever played... i can say... THE BEST ONE.
I wanna ask if there is a way to specifically select 2v2 mode and not 4v4v mode in puragtorio?
i wonder if lat is gonna make a discord server for this project so we can link up with players and dont pray that ppl join. (please?)
it is very good, i like it, i learned how to compile srb2 just to play it on linux, no regret, 10/10 (althought I like Mario & Luigi styled RPGs more, thought that is just my taste, this is still 10/10)
i wonder if lat is gonna make a discord server for this project so we can link up with players and dont pray that ppl join. (please?)

isn't that what the netgames channel of the srb2 official discord server is already for? i recommend you join that to get your daily dose of persona teamwork and/or uncooperation.
You can spawn in a room with a pit as the floor you start on, and you're stuck falling into the pit forever.
I'm saying this because it happened to me.

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