Speed Highway

[Open Assets] Speed Highway 1.0

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Going up and down and all round! After a whole year since Speed Highway was released!

As this being my FIRST MAP i've ever made, after 5 months of development, its finally here!
As you might now, this stage was first introduced to the public to be playable on the OLDC 2022 Round 2 map pack, as for now i'm releasing it as a single level separated from the map pack in case anyone wants to port it into a map pack, or extract files from it to mess around and have fun with it :) As well how it might be more playable due to the addons not being exposed to the rest of the map pack as well, possibly having an influence on how the performance of the stage plays.


Blast through Station Square's highways at high speeds!


CRASH into windows, buildings and many more!


WATCH OUT, YOU'RE GONNA CRASH! AHH! Run while falling down on a HUGE Skyscarper!

And don't forget to take a nice view at the Station Square city, At Dawn



Many thanks!!!!
@Golden Shine : Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for the window lua function!!! It really brings an amazing charm to crash into these buildings with these really cool effects.
@BlueBlur : Thank you SOOO MUCH for the amazing icon for this page, it looks very pleasing to the eyes.
@Rogerregorroger : I really want to highlight you as my special thanks, without you i wouldn't be able to do this project to its final state if it wasn't by you setting up many linedef executers setups, amazing details to the Shopping Mail and as well giving me a massive support for me to be able to make a map. Thank You so much for all of the support regardless of my skills back then.
@Othius : Thank you SO MUCH
for the tech support, with you i really wouldn't be able to advance with the stage's progression by fixing those messy node split errors, as well with the feedback, giving me help with the slopes and road's textures alignment.
Thanks to all of those who've helped me with playtesting, suggestions and bug reports within the development time, thank you SRB2 OS, SRB2 Brazil and as well my closest friends

Don't forget to give me feedback!!! I'm really needing it since this is my FIRST MAP ever that i've done. The feedback will be very appreciated for possible future projects to become higher quality!
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Latest reviews

Best map I've ever played, I remember playing this when it wasn't released yet (obs I was on the srb2 brazil server that the creator made the addon available on this discord server) very cool!
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I love this map. I was following the development of this for a while before the OLDC, and I was always excited for it. It blew away my expectations honestly. This was great for a first map, and I’m looking forward to any future maps you do.
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It's a cool map for Pizza Time, but when it starts on the servers, everything starts to lag as if YOU've eaten up half the performance.
Upvote 0
this is way too good you gotta make more maps like this because dang i love smashing all the windows by running straight to it at mach speed
Upvote 0
This is what map makers like me wish they could do honestly
Upvote 1
SUPER fun map, really nice usage of slopes and creative expansion on what made the original level so good, and it's even better with a momentum mod!!!
Upvote 1
The best level of Sonic adventure 1 in srb2 is here
Upvote 1
I don't think i ever finished the rest of the levels in OLDC22R2 but I played this one in it and it was my favorite in the pack out of the ones i played! Glad to say it's just as great here! <3
Upvote 1
love the atmosphere, textures, and level design, lots of alternate paths too which gives it some replay value

the "falling down" section can be broken if the player just turns around though but other than that, pretty cool!

not much else i can say besides: aw yeah, this is happenin
Upvote 1
It is speed. It is a highway. And it damn good at being both of those things.

Legendary 1st map.
Upvote 4