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  1. SonicBenSeven

    [Open Assets] SonicBen7's Characters Pack 1.0

    Ok now i made a first mod of srb2 kart which is really cool, by the way, there should be 3 characters i think. There's All you need it to mods. And here's this
  2. Almulescent

    [Open Assets] Almond - The "Hiatus" Build v1.3

    Alm is finally "released"! (I say this in quotations as I decided to release his almost complete self to the Message Board, due to mental health problems.) His moveset consists of a double jump, walljump, slide (custom 3) and a peelout type move bound to custom 1. He is loosely based off of a...
  3. AngrySonics

    [Open Assets] AngrySonics' Sonc Model 1.1

    This is a 3D model I had sitting on my computer for several months. I shared this in the SRB2 Discord, and now I'm sharing it here for you to use, pretty much, even if it's a modified Sonic Dash model (i don't know how to actually make a model, okay?). Screenshot How do I install this? It's...
  4. Sludesus

    [Open Assets] SpongeBob Squarepants 1.5.?

    Are you ready, kids? SpongeBob is finally here! "errm but how can he breath if he's on land?" idk how could he breath on land during the first movie? mmhm we love 16 angle mods Join the Discord!
  5. Eli14R

    [Open Assets] Sonic's Schoolhouse v1

    Credits: Floating Item Spawner by Ashnal:
  6. Mal

    [Open Assets] Sam Hits the Road! - SRB2Kart 1.0

    Do Not Fear, the Freelance Police is Here! Sam from the Sam & Max series joins the race tracks of SRB2kart. Even though without his lovely DeSoto, he still packs a punch. He might be a heavy-weight, but his acceleration compensates his weakness. Speed: 2 Weight: 7 Most of the sprites are...
  7. Kirb

    [Open Assets] Flip/Fuzz v1

    the character isn't made by me, i just made the mod haro everynyan, this mod is practically a complex fanart, the character in the normal form is flip by unicrity ( ) and the one for the super form is fuzz by tempotastic(?) ( ) they practically are identical so i...
  8. Bluetorch

    [Open Assets] Better Character Deaths 1.0

    Do you want to die... in SRB2, but hate how the normal death looks. Than this mod is for you. This mod won't work for characters with custom deaths. Also it sometimes doesn't work for models for some reason. Now go die in style!
  9. ArtoMeister

    [Open Assets] Cook from 100% Orange Juice! V1

    ちゅんちゅんっ! Now you can play as Cook from 100% Orange Juice! Flap your wings and take flight towards victory! Utilize the magical power of the weathercock fairy to assist you in your chaotic racing shenanigans! There is also a 3D model for Cook available, which was made by acqua. You can come...
  10. EODM

    [Open Assets] Gordeau from Under Night In-Birth v1.1

    The Grim Reaper of Amnesia, Gordeau arrives on the scene! Speed: 6, Weight: 8 He's not here to harvest souls this time, simply to try and take 1st place! But I'm sure he wouldn't mind reaping some wins in this race track... Side note: You cannot and will never Grim Reaper in neutral in kart...
  11. Mompi

    [Open Assets] Martlet, Ceroba and Starlo 2.0

    Martlet, Ceroba and Starlo from the new Undertale Yellow fangame are now on Kart Disclaimer: Most of the sprites used were grabbed from the Undertale Yellow fan game
  12. luigi budd

    [Open Assets] Takis the Fox! (Dynamite Demo!) dynamite-4-2-24

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Coming straight from Boiler City... TAKIS THE FOX!! Quickly putting this together for the christmas release, the Takis Dynamite Demo!!!!!! Takis uses Heartcards as HP, run out and you die!!!!!1111 Killing enemies will make them drop a card, get the card to restore...
  13. luigi budd

    [Open Assets] Takis the Fox! (Dynamite Demo!)

    luigi budd submitted a new resource: Takis the Fox! (Dynamite Demo) - Antonblast inspired skin! Read more about this resource...
  14. Average

    [Open Assets] Rocky v1.2 super update

    Warning! Warning! Rocky is a joke mod!! Proceed with caution Now.. Lets see his abilities tl;dr: funny rock mod in srb2 Thanks for checking out my first mod!
  15. Mompi

    [Open Assets] Martlet 1.1

    Martlet from the new Undertale Yellow fangame, Undertale Yellow is now on kart, with Ava? Disclaimer: Most of Martlet's sprites and some Ava sprites were grabbed from the Undertale Yellow fan game
  16. B

    [Open Assets] Ring Saver 1

    Hello! This is my masterpiece that i've made: ring saver. I've had an issue about srb2: imagine that you have like 50 rings and you lose them. you pick them all and you get in total... 32 RINGS! So this lua will save you. This lua will save some rings if you lose them (only if you have...
  17. David In SRB2

    [Open Assets] PK3 File Template! 1.1

    You Want To Make an Character of an PK3 File but Dont Know How. This File Can Save your Day! Just Download and Edit it! Its Simple! ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE ARE WARNINGS!! V1.1 IS NO LONGER BROKEN. SLADE ONLY RUNS ON COMPUTERS, TRYING TO MAKE A MOD ON A PHONE WILL NOT WORK.
  18. NepDisk

    [Open Assets] HatMod 1.3a

    HatMod A port of the hat part of Cosmetics with more features for kart! (Hat in screenshot by Chuckles Troll) How does this work? Hats are now set in the console since having a whole menu seemed a little impractical for a game like kart. This mod in Lua registers hats just like the original...
  19. BuggieTheBug

    [Open Assets] Bullet Dash v1

    Better experience with mouse and vertical mouse look Bullet Dash! Not the one you know, but it's similar but different. Double jump to start hovering mid-air and release to dash in the direction you are looking. It's a short, fast dash. Can get you higher and extend jumps. It also doubles as...
  20. gvbvdxx

    [Open Assets] Better Sonic & Tails Mod 1.0

    If you were in my SRB2 server, and seen the Better Sonic mod, well this is an updated version of it! Otherwise, let me explain: Better Sonic was first alone by himself, now I've added Better Tails to this great mod! New Abilities: Better Sonic and Better Tails both have a Double Jump, done by...