Fun Run Bear [Look out for the blood!]


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The Bear from Fun Run wants to play!

With stats of 4,2 this bear isn't really the fastest thing ever, despite running for his life the whole time without end, but does have some good handling to make drifting certainly easy... if you don't mind the low weight much, that is.

Remember that this bear normally should have something related to blood everywhere due to the nature of Fun Run as a whole, so i made a version that doesn't contain blood for getting hit, even if it's against what happens while the bear runs. Too bad.

All sound effects except for the ones for winning and losing are from the first Fun Run game, while the ladder sounds are from Fun Run 3.


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local wild wing driver
Fun Run Bear updated to v1.1
-Tweaked sprites, mostly to balance the green tones and have slightly better shading
-Finish sound effect now recorded with better quality
-Got rid of dead eyes for the bloody version's hit frames, might come back if i figure out how to make them look better

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