Jay T the Stickfigure

[Open Assets] Jay T the Stickfigure 1.2

hey everyone!

Its Time for the Jay T Mod to come!

Ability: Thok
Thok Multiple times!

Ability: Spindash
During the Spindash, Rings can be Able to be Added!

Question: Why is There Music Replacement on this tag?
Answer: This is only for Jay T to Have Music Getted Replaced
Heres music replaced from Jay T.
1. Sonic 3 Super form Music
2. Sonic 3 Prototype Super Music (Unused)
3. Sonic Origins Sonic 3 Super Music
Question: Why is There Sonic Origins Sonic 3 Music?
Answer: This will be for the Hyper form,

Credit to: Frostiikin for the Cross-Momentum Custom Hyper-Music

Time for the Flags!

First Flag: Super Form!
Second Flag: Multi-ability
Final Flag: Run On Water!

And the Last One from my Mod:
if you Find a Bug, Please let me know and I'll fix it :D
Thats it from my Addon, See you in the Update from my Mod!
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Latest updates

  1. New Music, Music fixed & Super Colors

    Heres a Music Music: 1 for Non-RingSlinger: Doomsday 1 for RingSlinger: Sonic 3 & Knuckles...
  2. fixed again

    found out that my SOC_PLAY has been missing, so I had to fix it.
  3. New Abilites

    Jay T can No longer Thok or Spindash, Here what Jay T can do Now! He can Now Switch Falling...

Latest reviews

Actually a decent character.....

if you're a goddamn idiot.
Let's hope that this mod's ultimate update will downscale the sprites.
THEN it becomes decent.
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Im gonna have more mercy than others
For a person who didnt make mods before this is a decent skin but like people said he is too big
a single sprite is AROUND 64x40 and that's for average/sorta tall characters
I suggest you to redo the sprites in a smaller size or to scale them down a temporarily until you get done with new smaller sprites
overall tho he plays like any other character so he's fine
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The typical first SRB2 mod. Safe to say, this isn't very good. Firstly, no original abilities. They're just Sonic's abilities. Secondly, the huge af sprites. Why did you think this was okay for a release? You could've scaled down the sprites at least.
I've updated the abilites. but not my skin, But I added the Ability to Throw Knifes, (SPONSERED BY MURDERER MYSTERY 2)
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No offence, but this really isn't good. Not only are the sprites massive for seemingly no reason, but it has the generic abilities you would come to expect from a mod like this. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that this is probably your first mod, so I can't bash it too much.
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