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Star Light Zone [Match] (ok, it's already in release)


Oh, uyh... Well hi.
Star Light Zone. Yep. I started doing this since yesterday... But, personally, I like how it turned out. (Given my mapping skills)
Most likely (or maybe not), I will make a version for CTF, or for KotH.
Will there be a big map ... I don’t even know, most likely it will not be big. So-as (as I assumed and made the map itself) the main battle is in the center. (Where there is a big ring ring with Rail Ring inside).
And well, here are screenshots and gifs.
The sky made by the way without problems, it was not difficult:

And the level itself:
Center of the lvl
center of the lvl
More look on the center

The only place where I had a problem was with the sloped midle textures of the Sloped platform (But theres only on OpenGL, in Software not have been, idk why):
Glitched midle textures

So... Yeah, It remains only to finish the mapping itself, and supply the decor. However, what to do next... I don't know, I was a bit inspired by the tilesets from the first sonic. And then, there was nothing particularly interesting.
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Yes, I know. This post has not yet been reviewed by moderators.
But I'll do it anyway.

Update! I'm a little test on the pros, the player himself decides whether to go for a magnet with a shield or not. Something from the category in Noxious Factory Zone with a lane of lasers, only there will be fire objects:
Also, I almost forgot, I will make a shadow in the abyss at the end of the work. Now it doesn't look perfect without it, but still.


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Again update.
While I was making the map, it became quite large:

In terms of changes, I've tweaked the shield challenge a bit, it's now longer:
, and with two monitors and platforming. Also added chaos emeralds. That's not all yet, and maybe I'll add more sectors to make the map bigger.

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