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Presenting the Tsuper Character Pack, a compilation of various characters I've worked on over the past year.

Characters may be separated and repacked individually as needed.
Separate character wads available in zip if repacking is not an option.
Sprite/graphics modification is not allowed.

Abandonment Clause: Should I leave the community for more than a year, my work can be considered abandoned and free to repack/modify/port.

Tsuper Kart Pack Characters 2021 Alt.png


Sir Daniel Fortesque.png

Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)

Speed: 4
Weight: 7

It has risen again! Sir Daniel Fortesque, see? The Hero of Gallowmere steps out from his crypt and onto the racetrack. A moderately slow heavyweight by virtue of being a clumsy skeleton in armor.​

Porky Minch.png

Porky Minch (Earthbound/Mother 2)

Speed: 9
Weight: 9

An annoying neighborhood kid corrupted into the bane of humanity, Porky Minch slipped in to terrorize SRB2K. Heavy-hitting and hard to catch, Porky is always one step ahead. Spankety, spankety, spankety!​

Dr Livesey.png

Dr. Livesey (Treasure Island 1988, David Cherkassky)

Speed: 7
Weight: 7

Dr. Livesey, the jolly and dutiful medic of the Hispaniola, has returned to port from Treasure Island to enjoy the races.​

Copy X.png

Copy X (Mega Man Zero)

Speed: 8
Weight: 6

The leader of Neo Arcadia and perfect copy of the legendary Mega Man X. He's taken to the track to prove his superiority over his original template.​


Metall (Mega Man 7)

Speed: 1
Weight: 4

Mets are ubiquitous throughout all Mega Man history, though this one is heavily modeled after the units seen in Mega Man's 7th venture.​
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