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Sup Everyone!

Been busy with quite a lot but as the title Implies, I'm here to announce that both my previous character mods (Bass.EXE and Mako) Will now come bundled together as part of my new character pack under the name, The Astropack which I'll be updating periodically as time passes on weather it be for bug fixes, Revisions or for new characters that I may add in the future.

While on the subject of new characters is what leads me to my next announcement.

Also coming bundled in the Astropack, the Fanmade OC and self proclaimed niece of Eggman, Eggette will be joining the fray. As far as her play style goes, I wanted to make her a hybrid of both amy and sonic so with this is mind, she is 7 in speed and 2 in weight so for anyone that may play as either one of the 2 characters will be able to play as eggette with little to no issues.

To reiterate, I'll be updating the pack periodically but for the time being, these will be the only 3 characters available.


With that being said, You can download the .pk3 file of the character pack above.
Enjoy and have fun!​
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