character: sonic the hedgehog

  1. Sussy

    advance Sonic repost NOT CLICK BEAT

    Guys I was only joking around but if you want him you have him Moderator Snip*
  2. BuggieTheBug

    [Reusable] Red Ring Jump ability for Sonic v1.2

    A Basic mod that changes sonic`s ability here it is in action: An update! v1.1: Now when in super you toss Bomb rings and... now you can damage bosses with Bomb ring An update! v1.2: In super you can toss bomb rings infinidently
  3. SCharged

    SA2 or Sonic Heroes

    This question was based off of the Cybershell and LS Mark debate. In my opinion, I think that both games are good but what do you think?
  4. MatePerrents

    Mate'd Models - A Pack that will be forgotten with the time 1.0

    They are finally here! My new model pack is back, with a new desing and more models! Sonic is almost complete, just the nights anims aren't here. The crewmate model is finished! (You can see it because the file extension is .md3) And The Crawlas are here too! I hope you enjoy this model...
  5. Jovian's Show Head Honcho

    Colorstorm: a color passion project gone wild! 1.0

    This is my very first mod, one I am VERY proud of. Colors are the easiest to do out of the mods, but I went completely crazy. 95% of my skins (that's not the actual percentage, obviously) are references to characters and more. Let's start by listing the gimmicky skins. Redhot: This skin is...
  6. MauriceOglevie

    Pointy and Obnoxious: A Sonic Robo-Blast 2 Sound Effects Mod for Sonic ft. Jaleel White 2021-03-15

    There is a disturbing lack of Jaleel White Sonic mods out there so here I am to fill the void. All in 16-bit sound to give you that nostalgia boost! I give you: Pointy and Obnoxious. A complete sound mod for Pointy Sonic specifically. The inclusion of emotes as well as the peel-outs autonomous...
  7. CosmicSRB2

    Alternative:ER Sonic 1.0

    Better Sonic is Sonic, but in my opinion, better. This time round, he has 2 abilities made by me. The Alt Double Jump: It's a double jump but you become vulnerable and it goes higher if you're Super. The Spindrop: A downwards thrust of momentum that allows for a bit of height if you bounce...
  8. Iceberg

    Saturn Dreams model pack V1.3

    Saturn Dreams is a model pack I've been developing in my free time, for fun. I've tried to follow a low poly style, inspired from the Saturn games [specifically Sonic R and Sonic Jam], but with differences, and doing textures with a pixel art style. The designs were based on the...
  9. Blacknide

    Blacknide's Mania Feet Sonic MD3

    This Mania Sonic MD3 is for Feet Sonic. He also does some his poses from Sonic Mania like seen on above!
  10. D00D64

    [Reusable] Espibee & So-Called "Friends" ("SPB-chan" + DVoices) 2021-03-06

    No one can save you now. ~ Espibee the... SPB I had the idea of making an SPB as an android girl for awhile (after a few people actually made their own anthro SPBs), but after seeing A Mod That Ruins SRB2, I was like "Okay, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna make one myself!" As part of my resolution...
  11. SMS Alfredo

    [Reusable] SRB2 Chars v2

    Sonic, Tails, and Metal Sonic ditch their karts and go on foot, showing everybody else what they're really capable of! SRB2 Chars features physics and abilities from Kart's source game, Sonic Robo Blast 2! With Lua ports of the jump, thok, flight, dashmode, float, spin, and spindash from its...
  12. Meboi

    [Reusable] TerminalMontage Sonic

    Chili Dogs TerminalMontage Sonic is finally in Sonic Robo Blast 2 kart as a playable character. His speed is the same as Sonic but some of the voice clips are from the video Hope you guys like him, it took me a like two hours to get done
  13. Chrispy

    Chrispy Chars

    This will be a continuously expanding mod. Comes with and without LUA. Features 8 characters Ecco Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Hornets (With updated secondcolor lua courtesy of Lach) Chrispy (With Fire trail lua courtesy of Lach and Pepperdork) Pointy Sonic (With updated secondcolor lua courtesy...
  14. Chengi

    Chengi's Character Pack! [V20] (UPDATED 7/28/21) - Oops! More Idols v20

    A small collection of my current SRB2Kart racers, containing characters from vastly different video game franchises! (And like, two original characters.) *As of May 29th, 2019, both Sakura and Amy (or at least her sprites) have been officially added to bonuschars. Older versions of...
  15. Plom510

    Plom Characters (v1.3) v1-3

    Plom Characters This is an assortment of characters I've made for SRB2Kart that do not belong to any of my existing packs. Characters can range from those from existing media, my own characters, or original characters that belong to people I know. Characters MD3 Models Changelog...
  16. MotorRoach

    Toei Sonic 2.0

    In case you feel you didn't have enough pointy Sonics, here's one more for your collection of good spiky boys! Based on the Sonic CD cinematics by Toei Animation, Toei Sonic is now playable for SRB2 Kart in his own UFO kart using voice lines from the Sonic OVA. Art all drawn by TrippleJaz...
  17. Gan

    [Reusable] Gan's Model Pack 1.9 2021-05-24

    Thank you for viewing my page! Quite the few models for quite the few characters. That's kinda it. CHANGELOG:
  18. MatePerrents

    Mate's Deformed Pack PLUS! Cartoon R Pack (Only Sonic) 2021-03-23

    Hello bois Uhh...I am remading the entire pack, only sonic for now.
  19. LonelyFoxz

    LonelyFoxz's Remixed 2.2 Models V1

    "It's about time!" Finally after months of work the "Oddball" pack has been given a fresh coat of paint and has been renamed to Remixed. Many of the things you remember has been given some form of an upgrade. [ most of them.. R.I.P DerpV2 you will forever be missed. till you get added in after...
  20. Jeck Jims

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models v1.5 V1.5

    V1.5 Espio, Bean, Honey, Tangle Again an pretty straight-forward release- 4 new characters- Some quick known quirks though. On a side note, you will also notice that Sonic and Fang's models have also been updated. Both are just slight texturing updates, The side of Sonic's head and Fang's...