1. OrdoMandalore

    Bubsy the Bobcat 1

    Bubsy the Bobcat Claws into SRB2! Bubsy the Bobcat returns from 2.1, with his infamous quotes and dialect. Despite being a joke character, there is a bit of a fun / challenge element to him. Abilities & Important Notes: 1.) Float Pressing jump while in air allows Bubsy to spread his arms...
  2. Micro

    Arle.PNG 2.1

    OH MY GOD ARLE NADJA IN ESSAREBEETOO!!!111!! HAHA FUNNY ARLE GO BRRR FIREBALLZ FOR DAYZ FAST AS FUCC BOI BATTLE OF THE PNGS Credits: Simon_T for the bomb code Sega AND SONY for the sprites me for everything else. Happy April Fools!
  3. Frostiikin

    [Reusable] SRB2 But it's a Gameboy Color bootleg | Sonic Robo Blast 7 1.0

    Hey, Just a bit of a warning before I start here, This mod has very bright eye-bleeding colors. If you suffer from epilepsy or are prone to seizures, I highly recommend you play something else. Hello. I have found long awaited sequel to sonic blast robo 2. it is robo blast sonic 7. It have...
  4. Rogerregorroger

    [Reusable] Sonic Adventure Genisys 2021-04-10

    So every year for April fools, I let my fans send in requests and I'll do a bunch of them, usually in the form of a cartoon or a QnA. However since I started modding SRB2 since last year, I got a few SRB2 requests this time. Enter Sonic Adventure Genisys, a monstrous collection of several...
  5. Rem

    Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop 1.1

    Two legendary heroes in one pack! Coming straight out of hell and featuring a whopping single digit number of sprites per character, this high quality pack is sure to make you FEEL like Inferno Cop. Characters: Inferno Cop The hero himself, back from hell. Custom1: Self Destruct Inferno...
  6. Sandwichface

    FRIGO RETURNS - Frigo in SRB2! 1.0

    Well, here it is. All of my years spent in this community were leading up to this moment, the release of the ultimate SRB2 character. Nothing will top this revolutionary mod. Introducing: Frigo! Frigo, the mysterious Pokemon from space returns! He's a challenge character, in a sense...
  7. D00D64

    [Reusable] SRB2 Rivals (Actually a Super Mario War Mod) 1.8.0

    Note: video is slightly out of date NOTE: Being a hefty file, this is a Split Archive. You will need to extract both at the same time, to the same place! You'll probably want to use 7zip for this! Finally, its here! The long awaited remake/remaster/reboot/reimagining/rehydration/rextended...