Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop

Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop 1.1


Two legendary heroes in one pack!

Coming straight out of hell and featuring a whopping single digit number of sprites per character, this high quality pack is sure to make you FEEL like Inferno Cop.



Inferno Cop
The hero himself, back from hell.

Self Destruct.gif

Custom1: Self Destruct
Inferno Cop is able to explode his enhanced body to launch himself up further and farther, boosted by the faster he's going. Don't worry though, he'll obtain a new one once he lands back on the ground! Though you can keep Custom1 held down to stay as a head as long as you want.


Spin: Gun
Wielding his trusty gun with an iron grip, Inferno Cop is able to easily shoot at enemies, even whilst running. Though he can only aim whilst on land!

Passive: Bullet Immunity
Boasting impressive power, Inferno Cop is able to reflect many things shot at him without sustaining any damage.


Mecha Cop
The mechanical skeleton with a heart of good.


Custom1: Compression
Mecha Cop is capable of compressing his form into just his flaming skull, whilst leaving him completely defenseless and sending him rolling across the ground, this will prove useful for rolling through small spaces. Similar to Inferno Cop's ability, you'll have to keep the button held down to stay in this form.

Spin: Mecha Gun
Wielding a gun similar to Inferno Cop, he unfortunately lacks the impressive skill Inferno Cop has gathered to aim whilst running, whilst he'll still manage to aim whilst walking once he starts running he'll be shooting straight forwards until he slows down again.

Chain Gun.gif

Jump: Chain Gun
Unable to jump thanks to his heavy metal form, Mecha Cop will instead lift himself with a burst from his chain gun on his back, able to fire a total of five short bursts before needing to land. This can be held down to increase your jump height or fired individually to extend your distance in the air.

Passive: Heavy Metal
However, as a side effect of his heavy weight, he'll bust straight through weak floors once he lands on them, though whether he can get through the unlocked areas is another question!


Over Justice
"What's this? A third character in this pack of two?" That's right, I've tricked you this whole time, you've been played as an April Fool! Hiding a secret bonus third character from you.

Gameplay-wise he plays the same as Inferno Cop, just without bullet immunity and less explosions however.

Custom1: Justice Launch
Spin: Gun of Justice

Extra Stuff:

Inferno Cop Intro:
(This can be set to Off/Per Act/Per Zone via icintro)
Witness this stunning FMV every new Zone you enter as you start a new episode!
Note that time is not stopped whilst it's playing, so be careful of danger.

Score Card:
(This can be turned on/off via icoutro, letting you go back to the default score tally)
Once you clear arrest an act, you'll be shown a tally of your stats for it. Letting you know how many enemies criminals you defeated arrested. Before showing you how much your efforts have lowered Eggman's influence over the crime rate of the area.

New Ending:

If you beat the game as Inferno Cop/Mecha Cop/Over Justice in Singleplayer you'll be treated to a special ending! I'm not spoiling though!


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