3d models

  1. EveDoesStuff

    Rhythm Prodigy, The Barista

    I've been needing to release this for a while, haven't I...? The Barista from Nintendo's beloved rhythm series, Rhythm Heaven, makes his debut in Kart! Featuring a custom... Kart, this pup's ready to hit the road to compete for first place! His low weight and moderate speed makes him a good...
  2. Chengi

    Chengi's Character Pack! [V20] (UPDATED 7/28/21) - Oops! More Idols v20

    A small collection of my current SRB2Kart racers, containing characters from vastly different video game franchises! (And like, two original characters.) *As of May 29th, 2019, both Sakura and Amy (or at least her sprites) have been officially added to bonuschars. Older versions of...
  3. PhilsPills

    Phil's Pills Character Pack v3

    THE PHIL'S PILLS CHARACTER PACK IS HERE yay Comes with 5 of my original characters, Philliam, Gravester, Syber Surfer, Rivers, and Mossrock! Also comes with Troll face, oiled up and ready! Phil: 4/6 Lavender Gravester: 6/4 Lavender Syber Surfer: 5/8 Yellow Rivers: 3/4 Navy Mossrock: 3/7 Moss...
  4. Gan

    [Reusable] Gan's Model Pack 1.9 2021-05-24

    Thank you for viewing my page! Quite the few models for quite the few characters. That's kinda it. CHANGELOG:
  5. MatePerrents

    Mate's Deformed Pack PLUS! Cartoon R Pack (Only Sonic) 2021-03-23

    Hello bois Uhh...I am remading the entire pack, only sonic for now.
  6. LonelyFoxz

    LonelyFoxz's Remixed 2.2 Models V1

    "It's about time!" Finally after months of work the "Oddball" pack has been given a fresh coat of paint and has been renamed to Remixed. Many of the things you remember has been given some form of an upgrade. [ most of them.. R.I.P DerpV2 you will forever be missed. till you get added in after...
  7. ManuelRome

    Manuel's Models v1.081 1.081

    So, this is my first SRB2 contribution, and it's a few md3 models. How to use: You extract the zip file, and there will be a folder named "MMODELS", you place that folder inside the "models" folder. Then, you have to add the following line somewhere in your models.dat file: ´ DERP...
  8. ThatAzazelFire

    Azazel's SRB2 Model Pack [v3] v3.1

    Azazel's SRB2 Model Pack Inspired by Jeck Jims, this is a Model pack including a few characters that haven't been done yet by the Perfectionist yet. Models Included Model Indexs -Credits- Me - I made the thingys kinda Sonc - Modeled Flareblis Jeck Jims - told me to release this and made...
  9. Jeck Jims

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models v1.5 V1.5

    V1.5 Espio, Bean, Honey, Tangle Again an pretty straight-forward release- 4 new characters- Some quick known quirks though. On a side note, you will also notice that Sonic and Fang's models have also been updated. Both are just slight texturing updates, The side of Sonic's head and Fang's...
  10. Lord Exetior


    Exetior, the Might of the Embers, melts some rubber in Kart! The biggest, buffest, and toughest Australian hedgehog rises from the boiling depths and joins SRB2Kart! Hailing from the volcano called Mt. Yaroast, this magmatic juggernaut is not someone you wanna push around. Literally! He's one...
  11. Menacing Marshmallow

    Sprocket v1.0

    Sprocket, the burning hope of the Trientalis renegade and the pilot of the legendary mobile suit - Polaris, - Joins the race! SPEED: 4 WEIGHT: 8 (Model included) paste - Sprocket MRSH/SPRCK.md3 3.0 0.0 - into mdls.DAT and drag the included MRSH folder into the Mdls folder.
  12. FuegoDeCera

    Kamen Rider Ichigo (Now with MD3 model!)

    One of Japan's most iconic heroes, Kamen Rider Ichigo, has joined the race. Although he's riding a kart rather than his iconic Cyclone, he's still an unavoidable threat in any track that awaits. With 9 points of Speed and 7 of Weight, he's ready to Rider Kick away any obstacle that stands...
  13. Totally Lerf

    Totally Lerf's Model Release

    Welcome! This is my first release ever. This model is sonic, just base sonic and not supersonic at the moment, it has CrossMomentum support as well, also custom characters will be modeled if I can do them that is, it will become a model pack once I do some characters, well hope you enjoy...
  14. sonc

    Could you look at that, another model pack! -- Sonc's model pack

    ---Hello!--- ---Welcome to my SRB2 model pack!--- Here we will see several characters of several sizes all together in a 3D fashion, made by yours truly. As of right now there isn't a lot, but hopefully there will be more and more later on. ---How to set up the models--- The instructions...
  15. RingHogger

    finally, a tailsguy model. (updated again)

    its about time this fox that likes to shoot gets to shoot all the things in 3D this time around. .DAT file code: TAILSGUY TAILSGUY/TAILSGUY.md2 2.0 0.0 character download: https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=45726 notes: in this update i finally gave tailsguy animations. and now he has a...
  16. SuperPhanto

    SuperPhanto's Models of varying originality (v1.4) 1.4

    I have decided to merge all the models that I have already released into one pack, and add to it instead of releasing a ton of these things. The old threads will be kept for archival purposes, but they will not be updated. To install, drag and drop the PHANTO folder into the models...
  17. Cd_

    Cd's Mixed Models

    Hello I made a Mixed Model Pack The Character's Included are: Junio Sonic Neo Sonic Skip Earless Ray Sonic (2 models) To have them work add or replace: SONIC LOW/UT.md3 6.5 0.0 (or SONIC LOW/CLASSIC.md3 3.0 0.0) JUNIOSONIC LOW/JUNIO.md3 6.5 0.0 EARLESS LOW/EAR.md3 7.0 0.0 EARLESSREDO...
  18. Tyonic

    Rift Pack v3 (+Md3 support up to v1.6 cast) 3

    The pack is whatever theme it needs to be, a dimensional breech of racers across all realms for a simple kart race. New for V3: The Make over and Reality warp update: Standard update to rift pack arrives, sadly no flashy video this time. although that does not diminish the quality of our...
  19. Mace121

    Vivian Tracey (Bunny girl OC)

    (Unrelated) Hey, I'm new here... This is a weird way to submit content to upload custom content in a message board instead of a separate site, but whatever works I guess. So, in a karting game where Sonic characters, Sonic OCs, Original OCs, Anime characters, and memes lived in peace & harmony...
  20. TDRR

    [Reusable] Gaz Membrane - v4 (inc. 3D model for real now!)

    EDIT 5/9/2020: Gaz's model was missing from the download, added a separate link. Gaz unwillingly joins the race! As shown by the screenshot, she is slightly slower than Sonic but has higher acceleration, which makes up for a slightly more forgiving style of play. Stats were chosen as a...