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A model pack with replacements for add-on characters!
All by one dude with boredom!

What's included?

Check the LIST .txt file for a list of all available characters!

How to Pikopiko your Model Pack
1) Extract the .zip file intoyour 'models' folder for SRB2. If the models folder doesn't exist, create one or get it from Jeck Jims' model pack.

2) Open models.dat with notepad and put the contents of the README.txt file, don't include the "NONCOLOR models do not work with multiplayer colors" text.

3) In Sonic Robo Blast 2, make sure the renderer is OpenGL, and models are enabled in OpenGL settings.

4) Animation interpolation should be set to 'Off' or 'Sometimes', don't use 'Always' and don't enable ambient lighting.
(Still confused? You can find a tutorial on how to install SRB2 model packs in YouTube)


How to switch to COLOR variants
Certain characters only have models in COLOR, so keep that in mind.​
1) Pick the model that you want to replace in models.dat

2) Replace NONCOLOR with COLOR and add a C in front of the .md3
(For example: PIKO/NONCOLOR/NIKO.md3 3.0 0.0 should now be PIKO/COLOR/CNIKO.md3 3.0 0.0)




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Latest updates

  1. An update I think

    Piko Pack has received its first update! What's new, Pikopiko Peppino & pals are finally here...

Latest reviews

this is probably one of the best models anyone could create, even adding frickin beebo from robot 64 is amazing. that alone gave that 2 stars, i really love this model pack. it's outstandingly unique and cool.
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piss towel character models real

simple but neat, nothing else i can say but hey they look nice if you go for the simplistic yet semi accurate styles

also im gonna start banbanning so hard seeing jumbo josh's jumbo a-
Behave, or get ban-banned!
Upvote 1
This model pack is marvelous! The poly art style complements every character. ALSO I'm overjoyed that you made Bebo into Mario for srb2.
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This is the best Models pack i ever seen,the sad thing to me idk how to get the brick model.Anyways,good models!

-Shiro The Hedgelol *aka dum*
rn brick is only seen in one of the poses gustavo (Dummie from FaDChars) makes
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Piko Pack is a model pack which replaces various characters from shows and games over pre-existing mod characters.

Character Choices (5/5)
Need I say more? I think the character choices are creative, like for example Peter over Kiryu, seemingly referencing the "Roundhouse" gag in Family Guy. I also really like the other character choices.

Models (4.5/5)
They fit the game's theme honestly. Peppino, for example, looks great alongside say Jeck Jim's Sonic. Though I do have some small nitpicks about these models, such as Dummie's dance not being supported.

Conclusion (4.4/5)
This is one of my favourite model packs for this game, alongside Jeck Jim's and Peppermint's model packs. I'm excited about what the future holds for this model pack.
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Best model pack ever, no doubt about it.
Upvote 1
good. 5 stars. no bad
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i really like all of the models,one of the best 3D files i've tried,the sad thing is that i would like for the creator to add the others pizza tower character that are in the images
(peppino,fake peppino,vigilante,gustavo,brick,noisette and the noise)
Give it a few hours you might see something
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Cool models, 10b/10
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Most of the models are a very good choice for the character, such as beebo from Robot 64 replacing N64 Mario, after all Robot 64 is literally mario 64 but on roblox so basically really great models.
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