Kromos & Drakira's Definitive Classic Pack

Kromos & Drakira's Definitive Classic Pack 6.0.2

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Definitive Classic Pack 6.0.2! Fang is here!


░░▒▒▓SRB2 Mod▓▒▒░░

❏md3 file


❏Blend Texture

░░▒▒▓PC VERSION▓▒▒░░

💿PC▶Place content in SRB2 folder ▶Extract ▶Cut "KD_DC_PACK" folder ▶ Paste in "models" folder.

░░▒▒▓Android VERSION▓▒▒░░

Install Android.png

📜We will be keeping updates on these models ever so often~! We want to make sure it lives for the name~! c:

📝If there is any intention turn public this item~ Please give us some recognition, we would really apreciate it! c:

-Kromos Ruby And Drakira Ditko

🎥Game Footage🎥
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  • 94fa0c98950b2a77f9245dea33e50b68.mp4
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  • SRB2 Intro.mp4
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  • Definitive Classic Trailer Short.mp4
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  • SRB2 metal video.mp4
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  • Metal and Sonic Clash.png
    Metal and Sonic Clash.png
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Kromos Ruby
First release
Last update
4.94 star(s) 34 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fang Update 6.0.2 Hotfix!

    ✍️Fixed minor details
  2. Fang Update 6.0.1 Hotfix!

    ✏️Fixed Fang's Popgun not apearing how it was intended ✏️Fixed Rar files -> Zip Folders
  3. Definitive Classic Pack Version 6.0.0! Fang is here!

    📦Added 📁Fang The Hunter ✍️Revamps ✏️Sonic's Pupils ✏️Sonic's Walking/Run/Dash...

Latest reviews

the tails and knuckels board/idael animation is glich but other then that 10/10 mod
Upvote 0
These models are very expressive and look exactly like those of the official japan artworks, great job!
Upvote 1
The truth is, you have a good style when creating these models.
Upvote 0
I really loved the models, but some things are a bit broken, Fang's model in his Boss Battle is bugged, I mean, his battle animation is bugged, but other than that it's great. I hope that in the future you, or the team, makes a model of the classic shadow and the junio sonic, it would be really cool.
Upvote 0
es el mejor models que e visto 1000/10
Upvote 0
They look AMAZING!
Upvote 0
These models are downright some of the best in the site! Hands down I'd pay for these and not complain- every model currently within the pack is perfectly crafted- faithful to the sources while still emitting there own little quirks that push this them the extra mile, this is god tier work to the point most of this if not all of these straight up exceed official models by a long shot- I cannot wait to see who's added to the roster- love your work and hope to see you again soon!
Kromos Ruby
Kromos Ruby
Thank you so much, I am very thankful for all the cheer I get, and all the dopamine that I got over the latest year~!
I learned quite alot, and all of it helped me push these characters and even make way more than the initial objective was.

I was very well received by you guys and it is all reflecting backwards! x)
Upvote 0
As a fan of the styles the charachters have in the JP artwork, this mod is a FREAKING masterpiece, sometimes it dosen't fit well with srb2 art style but overall it's just amazing, and i hope the devlopement of the futures updates is doing well.
Kromos Ruby
Kromos Ruby
Thank you very much, development for the the last vanilla character will start next year~!
Upvote 1
I love these models, they capture the source material very faithfully, please keep on making them. (Eggman would be nice to see:>)
Kromos Ruby
Kromos Ruby
Thank you! <3
Fang is the next and last vanilla characters target~
We will see what happens after that x)
Upvote 0
This Model Pack Mod is absolutely peak to me, I love how it's accurate to the JP Box arts! I'm just wondering if the models will ever be usable on Blender (It's fine if it isn't!)
Kromos Ruby
Kromos Ruby
Thank you very much!
The models itself are avaiable on my end on Patreon~
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