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Hey everyone, my name's Manuel, I'm from Mexico, I guess I can say I used to be a huge fan of Sonic when I was a kid, nowadays I haven't exactly been following the games, the last modern Sonic game I played was Sonic Generations, and I liked it, although the later games haven't exactly caught my attention. I recently re-discovered SRB2 and I have been playing it since.
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I am good enough with 200ms
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My name is Luxis Land!

I don't want to put my real name... but my age is 12!

I invented this name when i was a child... and know i LOVE put this name in every game that needs to put a name, my profile is like my character, inspired in some Youtubers... I don't really know how this place works, but i want to know how to use it!
I don't have imagination to put something in here...
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Hi there! I am KomaGamer65, but you can just call me Koma. I don't really have a lot to say about myself, but I can share a few things!

For one, I have been a massive Sonic fan ever since I played Advance 3 when I was 4 years old. Stuck with the series through thick and thin, and it always remained as my favorite franchise. Fast game-play that is consistently fun, nothing satisfies me more!

Secondly, I've been following the development of this incredible fan game for a while now, I don't remember when exactly but I know it was before 2.2. I realized I never made an account on the forums, despite frequenting it for a while, so here we are! Been playing the single player, and a lot of the modded content available here, and it's been a blast!

And lastly, I have a ton of respect for anyone who takes the time to make custom content for this game. It is really inspiring witnessing all of the characters, levels, and even complete game-play changes taking form. Just know that what you all do is very cool, and you have a ton of respect from me!

That about covers it for me. Have a nice day!
"Oh my god, they got holiday pies!" ~Abridged Eggman (2010)
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Hey, my name is Robbie. I doubt anyone here would remember except maybe a few admins but roughly around 10 years ago, 9 year old me went on here as "The Speed Breaker" with some concepts for character wads and got shut down instantly lol. Mostly cause i couldn't draw at the time (must say the constructive critcism worked in the end, going to College to sit my first year of Illustration end of the year.) So search it up if you want a laugh or "Robbie The HedgeBoy SRB2" on google.

Been playing this game at 6 years old and getting back into it at 19. loving everything in this new update so far and what better time to play it due to lockdown?
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Just some Fish and Chips!
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I’m just some Fish and Chips that got into SRB2.
The person under me is an fool!

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formerly "ash"
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hi, i'm ash

i'm new ;)
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Heelo, i'm MechaOverlord and my hobbies include existing and playing SRB2.
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