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Old 01-11-2020   #1561
polnyanski's Avatar

Hello, it's me Polnyanski, or sometime known as nyip
I usually host srb2kart server for SEA region, called "(SEA)", usually hosted around 8-9 PM on GMT+7

Ok, nice to meet all of you
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #1562
WiZa's Avatar

Hello everyone. My name is WiZa, supersonicwind69 in srb2 online.
I play SRB2 since my 11 years. I play srb2 too

Nice to meet you ^^

Sorry for my bad english, I'm French
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leonlight's Avatar

leon light, 22 years old, been a fan of srb2 since 2010 (around that year atliest) every so often i get obsessed with this game for a few mounth, drop the game for 2 or 3 years and come back again to be obsessed, i am always happy that this game get's more and more attention that it deserves and i hope it will never die
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