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The Werehog v1.3 Details »»
The Werehog v1.3
Version: v1, by Zero_the_artificial (Actually goes by DrStephen) Zero_the_artificial is offline
Developer Last Online: Apr 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (9 votes - 4.56 average)
Released: 03-07-2020 Last Update: Never Installs: 4

The full moon rises! The Werehog is unleashed!

The Werehog returns, with a whole new set of skills and gameplay, inspired by his gameplay in Sonic Unleashed!

Name:  icon.png
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Size:  1.1 KBAbilitiesName:  icon.png
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The Werehog's combat is significantly different from his original game, this time tailored towards' SRB2's level design, which encourages using enemies to your advantage to progress in a fluid manner. But, if you can't run from a fight, he's well equipped for a good brawl!


Due to popular demand, this ability is disabled by Default. If you wish to enable it for the full experience, type "runbutton enable" in console.
The Werehog moves slower than the rest of the cast, but by holding Custom 1 you run on all fours to achieve maximum speed! Be careful though - he has a much higher acceleration than others, so try not to slip and fall while running!

Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20040.gif
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Size:	4.89 MB
ID:	27726


Unlike his hedgehog counterpart, the Werehog can't attack enemies by jumping on them, but by pressing spin midair, he can slash forwards with his claws for a poweful attack that can destroy spikes, walls and floors alike. It's great for midair combat, as you can use it multiple times after jumping, or even bouncing on springs!

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Name:	srb20048.gif
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Size:	2.78 MB
ID:	27729Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20049.gif
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Size:	1.95 MB
ID:	27730


Tons of enemies on the floor, and don't want to repeatedly bounce on each one to defeat them? Well then, has Werehog got the move for you! By holding spin on the floor, you'll start spinning around like a denim-wearing-bandicoot and destroy all enemies (spikes or walls) in your path!

Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20046.gif
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Size:	6.22 MB
ID:	27728

Double Jump and Grapple-Punch

If there are no enemies nearby, tapping the jump button again in the air will give you some extra height with the Double Jump! Useful when you slip off a platform, or to make it easier to reach higher places.

If there are enemies near you when jumping, pressing the jump button will make the Werehog stretch his arm to grab the nearest enemy and grapple towards it. Just tapping the jump button will make you bounce off it like a homing attack, stopping your momentum. But, by holding it, you'll bounce much higher and launch at full speed forwards! You can combo multiple enemies and keep the pace while you play "The Floor is Lava" on any level!

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Name:	srb20042.gif
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Size:	3.29 MB
ID:	27727

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Size:  1.1 KBExtrasName:  icon.png
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A few little extra additions to improve the fluffy stretchy arms experience, like last time I seriously suggest you try and find these out yourself, but if you just wanna get it over quickly...
Spoiler: seriously bro
  • Unleashed Sound Effects
  • unearthly screaming when dying
  • crashing into the nice cold dirt when you're out of lives
  • fluffy smol continue
  • Werehog Fireworks!
  • squattin waiting animation
  • an adorable red flying companion (you can enable/disable by typing "chip" in console)
  • stretching arms to vibe check your enemies
  • Custom NiGHTS sprites!
  • no super form, but hey now its purple (tm)
  • W E R E H U G S (custom 1)
  • a sudden jazz band might play when killing an enemy, and will continue playing as you continue your combat. When will they play? Who knows... (You can now disable it by typing jazzband in console)

Name:  icon.png
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Size:  1.1 KBSpecial Thanks!!Name:  icon.png
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Size:  1.1 KB

oh boy this is gonna be a long one

Name:  icon.png
Views: 7047
Size:  1.1 KBMotdSpork, rumia1, Tatsuru and Lach! -Scripting

Absolutely everything about Werehog's abilities, sound effects and visual effects is thanks to MotdSpork. Rumia1 helped a ton with testing and suggesting different ideas plus helping spork with the coding. Tatsuru for letting us use their Amyhugs script, and Lach for helping spork fix a nasty flipped gravity bug. Thank you so much for making the Werehog super unique!

Name:  icon.png
Views: 7047
Size:  1.1 KBDaOrangeBoi - Character CSS

Thank you so much for making the super cool Werehog CSS pic!!

Name:  icon.png
Views: 7047
Size:  1.1 KBInazuma - Chip Sprites

Thank you for letting us use your adorable Chip sprites and also your suggestions for improving Werehog's movement, as well as my sprites in general!! I hope you enjoy playing him as much as we enjoyed designing him.

Name:  icon.png
Views: 7047
Size:  1.1 KBApocHedgie - Jump SFX

I can't believe how hard this was to find, thank you so much for finding the Werehog's jumping SFX, we owe you one.

Name:  icon.png
Views: 7047
Size:  1.1 KBThe SRB2 Discord

For all it's memery and hype around Werehog's release, your criticism, your laughs and motivation to see this guy released, I thank you for your patience. I hope you love playing as our adorable Werehugs, enjoy!

Spoiler: Changelog!

V1 - Initial Release

  • Fixed being able to WereSpin in DSZ water slides
  • Fixed being able to WereSpin after exiting a level
  • Fixed the WereSpin not properly extending the battle music
  • Run button is now disabled by default
  • Normal acceleration when run button is disabled. Quicker acceleration with it enabled
  • Made battle music rarer
  • Fixed an animation bug with the WereSpin when being pushed upwards by fans
  • Fixed a bug were battle music carried over between stages
  • Made the hand detection code more efficient and consistent
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldnt grapple towards certain objects the hand collided with (Thank you Tatsuru)
  • Added sound when locking onto a target
  • Made it so you can always doublejump after grappling a boss
  • Fixed a big were the werespin wouldnt damage some object types
  • Moved hug to Custom 2

V1.2 (hotfix)
  • Fixed a bug where Were-Spin could hurt other players in co-op.
  • Added an option to remove the reticle SFX and to shut the jazz band up once and for all.
  • Commands: "lockonsfx" to enable/disable the reticle sounf effect, and "jazzband" to enable/disable the random battle music.
  • Removed the spawning hearts button while hugging to avoid consistent SIGSEGV crashing.

Download Now

File Type: pk3 VCL_Werehog-v1.3.pk3 (3.72 MB, 383 views)


Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20098.jpg
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ID:	27724   Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20100.jpg
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ID:	27725  

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Um okay...
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Actually goes by DrStephen
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Alright, here's an actual update and not an April Fools joke.

You can now toggle the reticle SFX, and shut up the Jazz band too. Enjoy!
byleth gang
byleth gang

Also I do art follow me kthx
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Unrelated but I love that Byleth artwork you have.

On a more related note thanks to allow people to disable the jazz music.
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Neku Sakuraba
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So will he ever be adjusted for the Battle Mode mod?
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