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I voted on all of the SP stages, but here's how I feel about some of them.
Heroes Hall was too long

Hypertower had no sense of direction and bad music. Playing the stage with CEZ2 music only helped the stage a little.

Hectic Harbor felt a little empty and was the "emerald start" map of the bunch, but you had to hunt the emeralds down. The emeralds aren't saved if you have to leave and comeback to the game later.

sonwflake ridge felt alright, but the bees hurt the stage just as much as they hurt me. the fire powerup was also not communicated well enough to tell what it did. It also needed more ways to recover health than just Extra Lives. Spyro had health animals, maybe health "bots" would have worked here?

Toffee Tor, Ok, I just know there has to be a kirby reference somewhere here. It wasn't just the music, was it?
I played this stage as Kirby and it almost felt like it was designed to also accommodate him too.

Metallic Madness was good, but as a good future, it left little to actually do.

Valley Falls just Fails. The maze was too confusing and reminded me of Sonic's Nightmare in a bad way. The first 2d section was even broken thanks to not having a proper transition tool like a speed booster.
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