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Old 02-12-2020   #1561
WiZa's Avatar

Hello everyone. My name is WiZa, supersonicwind69 in srb2 online.
I play SRB2 since my 11 years. I play srb2 too

Nice to meet you ^^

Sorry for my bad english, I'm French
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Old 02-12-2020   #1562
leonlight's Avatar

leon light, 22 years old, been a fan of srb2 since 2010 (around that year atliest) every so often i get obsessed with this game for a few mounth, drop the game for 2 or 3 years and come back again to be obsessed, i am always happy that this game get's more and more attention that it deserves and i hope it will never die
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Old 03-18-2020   #1563
adventurepuffYT's Avatar

I am adventurepuff, Im a 16 (Soon to be 17 at time of writing this) year old boy From Mebane NC, I enjoy anime, video game's, music and, anything in between. My life goal is to become a game developer. I really hope to have fun enjoying this game with all of you.
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Old 03-24-2020   #1564
Wannabe Modding Generalist
Jonloo1's Avatar

Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to this site and SRB2 in general, but I'd like to say hi to anybody who's still reading this! I've been a lurker for a while, checking out for the cool new mods to show to my friends, but I decided to finally join as a member! (Not that I have much to post, anyways...)

I'm Jon, a soon to be 17 year old guy (as of the time of writing this anyway) from Mexico who loves video games and probably even some other junk! I want to learn how to code since hearing about all sorts of stuff related to code in video games always fascinated me, and getting to find an open source fangame of one of my favorite franchises that's so easy to tinker with is gonna make for an exciting little adventure in my life while I still have so much free time! (Honestly, I'm amazed that this game isn't even finished yet; It feels like a complete adventure yet there's still more coming without a price.)

Anyways, feel free to talk to me anywhere (even though I'm most active on Discord, my tag is Jonloo1#7288). I hope I can have a good time talking to all of you and sharing the little things I work on even though I'm really not any talented with programming or sprite art. Have fun you guys!~

Last edited by Jonloo1; 03-24-2020 at 01:22 AM. Reason: Forgot to add (as of the time of writing this)! I'm not gonna be almost 17 forever...
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Old 03-30-2020   #1565
Warrior from Algol
Icarus's Avatar

Is it mandatory? I'm not very good at introductions.

Anyway I'm just a big Doom fan in their twenties who enjoys retro and indie games.
Welcome to the Fantasy Zone
Get Ready!
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Old 03-30-2020   #1566
*NJ*'s Avatar
Default Hello there!

Hello there! It's me, NJ. I'm 17. I'm from Brazil. I've been playing SRB2 since the 2.0 Era. I am really enjoying the new update. I really loved the fact that Fang is on the game. Nice to meet ya! :>
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Old 04-01-2020   #1567
Srb2 , Best Sonic Fangame
NewObedBjs.2020's Avatar

I Am NewObedBjs.20 Plus My Full Name: New Obed Bethancourth Joel Santos 2020 I Met Srb2 In 2.1 And Later 2.2 Thanks To The Game I Met Friends Of Discord And The People Of This Community I Wish You A Good Day

Last edited by NewObedBjs.2020; 04-01-2020 at 09:56 PM.
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Old 04-03-2020   #1568
Lord Scissors
Aka: Scissors Guy
Lord Scissors's Avatar

Hello, I'm scissors guy and i'm from Chile
i met srb2 in 2.0.6 and...that's it

What the actual hecc does my username means?
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Old 04-04-2020   #1569
@Dreemurr3Asriel on Twitter
Flowey98's Avatar

Howdy! I'm Flowey98, some people might know me from online multiplayer servers (Steven's Multi Server, Fun at srb2 Roleplay/Hangout, etc) I'm from New Jersey, I am also 14 currently. I'm probably gonna regret saying this but I hate Amy mains because of them constantly shielding everyone, it is just so annoying (You guys know what I mean right?)
Welp, I'm done.
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Old 04-06-2020   #1570
InferNOr's Avatar

I'm InferNO, (formerly known as just inferno) I've been playing since late 2014, and only heard of this game because of cobanermani456's video on it. I really don't know why I made my MB account 5 years later ._.

I'm really surprised by how far this game has come, and really proud as a srb2 player to have been playing this game for quite a long time!

I'm probably not the only one, but I started to get really interested in srb2's ancient history, and tried out the early demo versions. I was surprised there were so much levels cut from the current version but it was probably for the best lol

k I'm done
Originally Posted by little guy* View Post
Thok is dead, this will be srb2 3.0 in 2051

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Old 04-15-2020   #1571
azurepixels's Avatar

Heya, I'm azurepixels (or you could just call me Azure), I'm a 20 years old boy from São Paulo, Brazil. A complete nerd, I maybe play a little too much games, and I also enjoy movies, anime, books, comics, music... you name it. My dream job is being an animator, so I have a lot of appreciation for that kind of stuff.

I've been playing SRB2 since I was 8, and back then I had one of the final demo versions with OG Ugly Knux and his infinite glides. From that point on I was kinda in love with this fangame and I'm still surprised to this day with how far it has come. This game has quite the legacy, not gonna lie.

I wasn't a part of the community for a long time, but I've always been here waiting for new versions and looking for mods. Nice to meet y'all!
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Old 04-16-2020   #1572
ceo of good descriptions
izzy's Avatar

Hi, I'm Izzy. I don't do much outside of mostly playing SRB2 and checking out the Discord server to see what everyone's doing.
I have some interest in animation and hope that I at least become a decent 3D animator some day (I also wanna make SRB2 mods).

I started playing SRB2 with one of the 2.1s. The only thing I did back then was play around with the massive selection of character mods instead of doing any of the campaign.

The first time I saw SRB2 in my life was with this SPECIFIC video if I recall correctly
I kinda stepped away from SRB2 in favor of other Sonic-related things, including fan-games. I came back to SRB2 with SRB2 2.2, and the glow-up enticed me to play through SRB2's campaign.

I finished the game with all the characters and all the emeralds soon after.
mighty 2.3

whirl 2.3

skip 2.0
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Old 04-16-2020   #1573
The Black Hunter
Lynk's Avatar

The name's Lynk,and as the photo in my left,i like the "SMT Persona" series,but i also like other JRPGs like Fire Emblem, Tales of, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei. I also like Action,Fighting,Adventure games like Super Smash Bros, Zelda, The King of Fighters and Megaman
I've started here thanks to Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart,and i'm really enjoying it,i hope we go along

Last edited by Lynk; 04-16-2020 at 11:49 PM.
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Old 05-06-2020   #1574

Hello everyone, you can call me Toki. I downloaded SRB2Kart recently and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I love making mods for games, especially games that have a pixel art style, so I want to try my hand at making SRB2K mods someday. Nice to meet you all, and I hope you have a fantastic day.
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Old 05-09-2020   #1575
red boi
felix44's Avatar

hi, im felix44...i entered this message board a week ago and didnt notice this thread, oof
i like to do mods biography says it all
i usually spent some time in the servers like spectrum's one or making mods
Felix44 was here
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Old 05-10-2020   #1576
Sam. (Yike)
Sam. (Yike)'s Avatar

Hi I'm Sam. (Yike) i play SRB2
i'm not new to SRB2 since i have fang and amy. and i'm also not new to SRB2 Discord. how ever i'm new to the message board. i like food and things.
thinking about SRB2...
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Old 05-10-2020   #1577
Matthewsrb2 2.2fan727
MatthewSRB's Avatar

Hi My name is Matthew Alexander Salyers and I like to play video games. my favorite foods are: fries, chicken nuggets, and pizza.
<Matthewsrb2 2.2fan727> I love srb2!
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Old 05-15-2020   #1578
SharkGuy's Avatar

I am SharkGuy and I indeed exist, hello
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Old 06-04-2020   #1579
[Insert meme here]
Jonster's Avatar

Hello, I am Jonster, I am male, and a big fan of both 2D art/animation and video games. My favorite game franchise is sonic the hedgehog, meanwhile my favorite cartoon franchise is thomas the tank engine (specifically the earlier seasons). I enjoy very chill music, like jazz, lofI, vaporwave, but I also enjoy more energetic music. I'm slightly newer to SRB2, with my first version being 2.1.25. I don't consider myself to be very smart, but drawing, listening to music, playing games and interacting with communities I'm part of takes that thought of my head. Also I enjoy very spicy memes.
god fuck
(SW friend code: 3326-8442-2909)
(Discord: Jonster The 1st#5263)
(Twitter: @JonsterThe1st)

Last edited by Jonster; 06-04-2020 at 08:43 PM. Reason: My damn internet is not working so my replie glitched out.
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Old 06-09-2020   #1580
ManuelRome's Avatar

Hey everyone, my name's Manuel, I'm from Mexico, I guess I can say I used to be a huge fan of Sonic when I was a kid, nowadays I haven't exactly been following the games, the last modern Sonic game I played was Sonic Generations, and I liked it, although the later games haven't exactly caught my attention. I recently re-discovered SRB2 and I have been playing it since.
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