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Modern Sonic V5.11
Version: V5.11, by MotdSpork (Mafia? Zombies? Gold spork?) MotdSpork is offline
Developer Last Online: Oct 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (37 votes - 4.57 average)
Released: 02-06-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 72
Characters SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

It's been a long 7 months working on Modern Sonic. What was originally going to just be a port of ModernAbilities turned into an entire rewrite. With brand new effects, sounds, commands and more. It's been a blast making him and I really tried to make Modern Sonic feel authentic without changing his physics to feel out of place for SRB2. Without further ado, Here's ModernSonic!

HomingAttack/DoubleJump: Sonic's midair ability is determined by if he has something to home in on or not. When near Enemies/Monitors/Springs, Sonic will launch at it with precision. Otherwise, Sonic will preform a second jump which is handy for gaining a bit of extra height or for platforming.

Boost: While on the ground, pressing and holding the Custom 1 button will allow Sonic to boost forward at breakneck speeds plowing and sending badniks flying into the air. You are invulnerable to enemies in this state however spikes, crushers, and deathpits can still harm you.

AirBoost: The air equivalent of the Boost. Use this to gain more distance in the air than you could with the doublejump.

Stomp: Pressing Spin anywhere off the ground will cause Sonic to plummet down to the ground creating a shockwave at the point of impact. This can be used to stop on a dime for platforming and damage enemies, and monitors alike.

Slide: While moving at just about any speed, press and hold spin while on the ground to perform a slide in the direction you are moving. It's essentially a replacement to the spin so use it to get under small gaps that only spinning players would be able to access.

Light Speed Dash: Using Custom 2 near a trail of rings allows Sonic to travel along the trail at "Light Speed". Useful for precise ring collecting or for levels that support the ability for alternate paths.

WallJump: Sonic can cling to a wall by jumping against it. Press jump again before Sonic slides off to Jump upwards away from the wall.

Super Sonic!: Using Custom 2 with all emeralds and 50+ rings will transform Sonic into Super Sonic. What new abilities will he have? It's up to you to find out!

Rush Mode: Filling your boost meter fully will have Sonic enter Rush mode granting infinite boost and a snazzy glow effect for a short period of time. Extend the timer by destroying enemies, collecting rings, and doing tricks! Speaking of...

Tricks: Pressing Custom Button 3 after hitting springs, steamjets, and dustdevils will have Sonic start performing tricks to fill his boost gauge. Press Jump or Spin to do the trick finisher rewarding you with even more Boost Energy.

Drifting: Turning sharply while boost makes Sonic enter a drifting animation which slows the rate at which you lose boost energy.

Grinding: Unlike everyone else who rides in minecarts on rails, Modern Sonic prefers grinding on them instead. This allows you to jump on and off rails at any time you please allowing for exploration and shortcuts not possible before.

*The Boost relies on Sonic's Boost Energy which can be seen in the meter near the edge of the screen.

*Replenish your Boost Energy by collecting rings and destroying/damaging enemies/bosses or doing tricks.

*Hitting a Checkpoint will grant Boost Energy

*Holding Spin above a certain speed while stomping will cause Sonic to transfer into a Slide, otherwise it acts as a normal Stomp.

*Boosting or Stomping into breakable FOF's will break them.

*Pressing Custom2 while LightDashing will cause Sonic to cancel the ability.

*Holding Spin while Walljumping will turn the camera towards the direction you are jumping to.

*While crouching or refraining to boost for 5+ seconds, Sonic will start to gain Boost Energy back. This is especially useful for levels that don't have too many rings or enemies to help replenish the Boost Energy normally.

*Jumping and holding the Jump button while Boosting will slow Sonic's midair speed. Use the Airboost to counteract this!

*The Doublejump slows Sonic's movement speed slightly.

*Stomping onto a spring will yield greater height similar to Amy's hammer.

*Some shields give Sonic a special effect to some of his abilities.

*Pressing Jump as a trick finisher gives you bonus height.

*Holding any direction while while finishing a Homing Attack will let Sonic carry his momentum from it.

*With SMS added, Sonic can go Mystic Super. In this form you gain unlimited jumps underwater, a stronger Walljump, infinite Airboosts, and unlimited Boost Energy.

FootSteps: Toggles the custom footstep sounds as well with the custom landing/skidding sounds. Use On/Off

Voices: Used to Toggle/Choose the voice actor Sonic uses. Use 0-4 or the Voice actors first name. Choices are Ryan Drummond, Jason Griffith, Roger Craig Smith, or Jun'ichi Kanemaru.

Homingattack: Used to toggle the Homing Attack. Use On/Off

Actionswap: Used to switch the Custom1 and spin actions. Use On/Off

Supermusic: Used to choose which music plays while Super. Choose between Custom, Normal, or Off

Rushglow: Used to change the color you glow while in Rush mode

Modernfov: Used to toggle the Field of view change for some of Sonic's abilities. Use On/Off

Poses: Used to toggle Sonic's poses after homing attacks. Use On/Off

Hudstyle: Used to change the style of the HUD you use. Use 0-7

Adding Footsteps to Custom Textures:
Add this bit into any Lua script that you have in your addon

if not ModernSonic_FlatSounds
rawset(_G, "ModernSonic_FlatSounds", {})

ModernSonic_FlatSounds["CUSTOMTX"] = "grass"
ModernSonic_FlatSounds["CUSTOMT2"] = "wood"

Replace "CUSTOMTX" with the name of the texture you want it to work for.
and replace "grass" or "wood" with any of the following sound types:

"grass", "dirt", "metal", "concrete", "wood"

Do note that Solid FOF's with a translucency will automatically use the glass sfx and liquids use the water sfx.

Q:Why does Sonic DoubleJump instead of an airdash?
A:Because I wanted to implement Sonic Colors into this and the Doublejump is great for platforming. Something SRB2 has a lot more of than the modern games.

Known Bugs:
*The walljump can be a bit buggy on some walls. I'm still trying to work on a fix for this so be patient and dont give me a million complaints about it.

*Sometimes when homing in on an enemy, you can get stuck trying to destroy them...but nothing happens

*Sometimes while boosting on certain Slopes, Sonic can get stuck until you stop boosting.

*Not all textures in the game are indexed for the footsteps. I tried to get all of the ones you happen to "run" into in the main campaign at least.

*Splitscreen is not fully supported.

Man...I Have a lot of people to thank for Modern Sonic being possible this time around.
No longer is he the shitty/buggy version he was in 2.1.
now with new effects, sounds, functions, commands, sprites AND more.
He's more than I ever expected him to be. Especially since he was originally going to just be a direct port from 2.1

Ahem- let's not get carried away.

Golden Shine: Thank you for helping me figure out how to make a lot of the effects look pretty good.
Bug testing early on.
Being a HUGE support when there were times I honestly wanted to give up.
Lending bits and pieces of your own code as well as helping with sounds, knowing you didnt have to but you did to help me succeed.
Thank you for reworking SMS' boost aura to work for Modern. It looks awesome!
Seriously this wouldnt have been possible without you.
Also another thanks to helping me refine the new walljump controls for V5.

LACH: Thank you for helping me with so many of my Lua questions.
Special thanks for showing me how to use tables and use rawset among other things.
HUGE thanks for writing the sounds functions (The Footsteps/Voices)

Chrispy: Special thanks to creating and letting me use your SonicCE pre-4.0. A lot of people dont seem to like it but it's one of the better old Modern Sonic's
in my opinion.

Doom Flare: A personal friend. Thank you for making the old sliding frames and the original crouching frames.
Even though you were not getting anything in return, you did it because we're friends...I really appreciate that.

DrStephen: Massive credits to pretty much doing the entire sprite remake. this wouldnt have been finished if it weren't for you...

Inuyasha/K.S.: Thank you for letting me use and modify the transformation script and the laser wisp script from your Sonic Colors Blast 2 script.
This was my solution to not having transformation sprites in the CE Style. Thanks again for the original boss hud script
which this boost meter was heavily edited from.

Badz and Hitcoder: Thank you both for your own renditions of the lightdash and giving permission to use them.
I merged both together for a pretty fluent least in my opinion

ManicTH14: Thanks for the original walljump SOC used from your Mighty you were working on. It was used in the 2.1 ModernAbilities
but repurposed and refined for 2.2 Modern up until V4.

Rumia1: Thanks for making the new underwater curl up sfx. It sounds more...echoy

Frostiikin and TrickyTex: For the large touchup to the colors hud mid V5 development

Zipper: Thank you for reducing some code length in the Hud

TrickyTex: Added the new Ring engine sounds. Sounds super cool :)

SMS Alfredo: Made the first iteration of the Rush mode. Also pretty much did all the code for the ACZ rail grinding.

VelocitOni: Thank you for allowing me to use the drifting graphics from Kart that you made. They look a lot better than the older ones used.

Bendy: Thanks for making the original design for the ...Modern redesign. it looks super rad. As well as some of the other sprites in the resprite.

Chengi: For making the base of the new jumpball and for the new drifting sprites.

Cyron: Thank you for adding I/O support into Modern. I had no idea what i was doing clearly. Also thanks for giving me the JP voices for Sonic as well as a lot of other sfx and making my job so much easier.

Everyone who made Additional Trick poses: MotorRoach, Soap Surfin', CommandoEclipse, Caliginous, SanictheSanic, KÝbito┴yame, KamiJoJo_, HattyBoyo, Universal 22, Frostiikin, and Shine. These look super sweet!

FieryExplosion#3956: Made a decent chunk of the HUD graphics. Thank you! They look rad!

Ordomandalore: Made the grinding frames.

Emi: Did some touch ups to the grinding frames to make them look a bit more natural on minecart rails.

Icezer: Lua help and graphics modifications.

CobaltBW: Thank you for letting me use the wallslide/walljump code you created! It's what i always wanted his walljump to be!

Thank you to the Testers: DrStephen, Rumia, Emi, Zipper, Shine, Inazuma, SMS Alfredo, Bloops, MotorRoach, TrickyTex, GXP3000, Frostiikin, Icezer, LonelyFoxz, and CrystelleCore

AAAND Last but not least

My sweet and loving girlfriend: For being supportive and lifting me up to finish this and helping me test early netgames and iron out some of the original larger bugs.
Special thanks for helping me with the new speedometer colors.


Version 1:
Initial Release

Version 2:
*Fixed bug where you would have full control while sliding

*Added the ability to jump out of the initial slide and right after stomping

*Added new sfx for the underwater jump and a new boost sound based on Sonic Unleashed

*The Boost and the AirBoost have seperate sfx

*Adjusted the sfx for the walljump

*Slight code optimization

*Fixed a bug that allowed the homing attack to do double damage to bosses

*Removed Boss flinging as it was too buggy. You will be missed :(

*Increased the range to the lightdash to make activating it more consistent

*New underwater echos for all the sfx except the slide because it barely sounded any different

*New colors for the Speedometer

*Removed duplicate reticle graphics

*Fixed Hudname(which is pointless with the custom HUD) and SpecialStage names

*Buffed acceleration coming out of a homing attack

*Added Actionswap command allowing players to switch the Boost button and the Slide/Stomp button

*Fixed a minor animation bug for SuperSonic on rising platforms

*Fixed an animation bug where getting crushed while crouching didnt change your state to the death state

*Changed the airboost behaviour slightly so if you hold the button to go into the normal boosting, it will continue producing the aura effect as well as start playing the "Jet" sound

*Tweaked some of the ways Modern Sonic interacts with shields

*Made the enemy flinging a lot more consistent

*Flinging enemy directions are randomized

*Added a screenshake effect when boosting or homing into enemies and breaking bustable walls

*The Lightdash can now break monitors too

*Breaking FOF's with the boost now properly restores Boost Energy

*Fixed a bug where enemies would die instead of getting flung

*You now start a level with a full Boost Meter, but dying will reset it back to empty.

Version 3:
*Some minor bug fixes

*Fixed Super flying not working correctly with Actionswap enabled

*Fixed being able to walljump while lightdashing

*Added BattleMod support! Pressing the fire button will lets Sonic use the Cyan Wisp

*Added the ability to jump out of a painstate if knocked off the edge of a platform

*Fixed a bug with the homing attack that let bounce off of enemies nonstop without killing them

*Adjusted boost regen times slightly

*Changed the end level sign sprite

*Renamed the SPR2_SRUN to SPR2_DASH for compatibility with Jeck's low poly Modern Sonic model

*New character select art thanks to DrStephen

*Sliding gives boost energy properly

*Can no longer doublejump after homing in on a boss

Version 3.1:
*Removed support for Cobalt's was causing more issues than it was worth. I'll re add it in the future after I recode it.

Version 4:
*Added new ability Rush mode. Thanks to SMS Alfredo for letting me use the original code and letting me modify it

*Code optimization for the lock on code. Thanks to Zipper

*Remade walljump entirely

*Removed the ability to fling TNT with the boost as it was buggy. Now it just blows up if you boost into it

*Added the ability to perform tricks after hitting springs, steam jets, and dust devils to gain boost energy with special fx

*Complete sprite overhaul

*Minor code cleanup...

*New Boost Aura

*I/O Support has been added

*New command "supermusic". Allows you to choose custom music for super, the default music, or no special music while Super

*Removed bot flinging for multiplayer to reduce desynch...hopefully

*Fixed springs stopping your boost

*Added more textures to the footstep list

*Added Mystic Super support. Gives Sonic Multi-Airboost, Infinite jumpes underwater, no air-friction, improved walljump, and infinite boost

*Added Jun'ichi Kanemaru as a voice actor option

*Added 2 more voice clips for Ryan Drummond

*Changed speedshoes behavior. No longer provides infinite boost but instead makes the boost faster

*Added trick animations after doing a Homing Attack

Version 5:
*Fixed being able to enter rush mode while in NiGHTS

*Fixed being able to crouch while in DSZ water slides

*Fixed being able to trick while boosting

*Fixed a bug where you could walljump with no directional input

*Fixed a bug where you could hold jump and walljump shortly after an airboost

*Can now cling to a wall for short period of time before a walljump

*Can no longer walljump after an Airboost

*Successive walljumps now give diminishing returns meaning every walljump will be less powerful than the last. Doublejumps also add to the diminishing returns.

*Now the camera shifts to walljump direction if holding spin while walljumping

*Changed the super color from nega (a custom super color from a seperate mod) back to yellow

*Flung enemies now use rollangle to give them a flipping effect

*Fixed a bug where if a homing attack got interupted by latching onto something such as a ACZ rope would not allow you to jump off

*Fixed Super form not having footstep sounds

*Reworked HomingAttack code

*Fixed Lock-On Code causing desynchs

*Fixed bug where homing attack just gives up

*Removed "lockon" command

*Fixed offset issues with Super Sonic's walk

*Added command "homingattack". Toggles the ability to use the HomingAttack

*Added command "poses". Toggles Sonic posing after a HomingAttack

*Removed being able to Lightdash after beating a stage

*Added New Character Description thanks to izzy#5210 on discord

*Added command "hudstyle". Lets you toggle through various HUDs inspired by Sonic Boost Titles and....06 >.>

*Added command "rushglow". Lets you choose which color you glow while in Rush mode

*Fixed Stomp getting stuck on bouncy platforms

*Fixed a bug where you could lock on and homing attack enemies while flying as Super Sonic

*Fixed a bug where you couldnt lightdash with a shield

*Moved the tricks to Custom 3

*Moved Super transformation to Custom 2

*Removed the slower boost decrease after boosting for 3+ seconds due to Rush mode being a thing

*Fixed an oversight where starting a trick combo would yield the rewards of 2 tricks

*Slightly decreased boost drain speed.

*Decreased the amount of energy you get from rings to encourage destoying enemies and doing tricks for boost. Also makes getting Rush more satisfying and feel like an actual reward

*Removed diminishing returns on boostenergy from tricks but now gives less boost energy than the max you would get in V4

*Slightly increased boost energy given by enemies up to 12 from 10

*Can now always airboost after a homing attack

*Added cheering while doing tricks and in rush mode

*Added trick gain sfx for doing tricks and defeating badniks while in rush mode

*Updated the font on the Unleashed HUD to be more inline with the other HUDs

*Removed Slide Boosting as it was never intentional to begin with.

*Super Sonic now flings enemys just by touching them above a certain speed

*Added captions for sfx that didnt have them

*Removed boost ring attraction for gamemodes outside of SP and Coop

*Added additional trick poses thanks to a bunch of awesome spriters on the Discord SRB2 Servers

*Added Taunt easter egg

*Fixed bug where footsteps would play in NiGHTS

*You no longer lose boost meter if you do not boost while in Rush mode

*Can now slide out of a crouch

*Updated Wait anim

*Fixed a bug where you didnt lose rush mode upon being hit while sliding

*Fixed a bug where the rush overlay wouldnt match the rollangle of the player

*Added 06 styled falling animation

*Fixed a bug related to fire flowers and special effect colors

*All commands besides supermusic now work in splitscreen!

*Fixed bug where forcefully switching from ModernSonic to a different character would result in issues with the lockon

*Fixed a bug where the sliding effects would dissapear if you reset the stage while sliding

*Added the ability for the airboost to attract rings

*Fixed an issue with minecarts and drawangle

*Fixed bugs relating to stomping/sliding/boosting and water slides

*Fixed a bug where you would keep your homing acceleration on the ground

*Fixed an offset issue with running frames

*Fixed HUDS not complying with hud transparency options

*Fixed the boost slowing down while doing a small hop instead of the full jump

*Added new Boost Energy effect from destroyed badniks and tricks based off of Sonic Generations

*Removed ability to detransform from super form while finishing level in multiplayer

*Fixed a bug that's been around since release that caused you to get crushed if jumping into an area that would normally force you into a spin.

*Sonic now enters spring state if running off a slope upwards

*Added sparkles to the boost aura

*Fixed a bug where slopes would sometimes cause you to rapidly change to your falling frames

*Added command "modernfov" toggling the dynamic fov changes during actions

*Fixed a bug related to lightdash and rollout rocks

*Can now boost on rollout rocks

*Fixed a bug where the lockon wouldnt work for characters like Fang while ModernSonic was added

*Activating starposts now gives boost energy

*Crouching no longer locks the players drawangle

*Can now retain some momentum from a homing attack if you hold any direction

*Fixed a bug where you could try to doublejump while homing in on something

*Can now doublejump to cancel an unwanted stomp with a slight cooldown to prevent doublejump flying

*CEZ Boss is now less likely to kill you if you use a homing attack on it

*Added new sfx to Sonic when he takes damage

*Remade how Homing is handled, hopefully making hitting bosses with the homing attack feel a lot more consistent

*Added "Drifting" when turning sharply

*New Jumpball effect

*Fixed a bug where you could crouch while homing

*New default color for Modern. SKINCOLOR_LAPIS

*New slide gfx from Kart thanks to VelocitOni

*Can now trick off the top of dust devils

*New 1-Up icon

*New CCS pic

*Can now grind on minecart rails

*Added Kirby support. Modern now gives Kirby wheel

*Doing tricks as Super Sonic lowers the rate at which you lose rings

*Fixed a bug related to ropehang on stomping

Version 5.01:
*Fixed wave not working as a rushglow command option

*Fixed Super Sonic not glowing in NiGHTS

Version 5.1:
*Fixed a bug relating to tricks and jumping

*Fixed bug where you didnt lose boost while drifing

*Rushglow command can now accept custom skincolors

*Can now always airboost after a lightdash

*Tricks after a Homing Attack now damage enemies

*Updated CSS description

*Slightly tweaked walljump values

*Fixed errors related to loading Modern Sonic with a launcher

*Now must hold a direction in order to slide

*Fixed a bug related to crouching on horizontal moving platforms

*Fixed being able to do tricks after a walljump

*Added new Boost dialog for Jason and Roger

*Added missing captions for the taunts

*Refixed a bug where flung enemies could hurt players

*Fixed a bug where airboosting didnt reset properly

*Fixed an odd bug (hopefully) that allowed Modern to spindash in very specific scenarios

Version 5.11:
*Added missing validity check in the code that rarely would error

*Sonic properly spins again while doing a homing attack

*Sonic now stops homing if he hits the ground while doing so

*Falling state after homing attack now properly destroys enemies like the other tricks

Download Now

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Old 02-07-2020   #22
Twitter: @Chicmunk4u
Chicmunk's Avatar

WOOOO! It's time boys! I got to test the beta too, this really gets you FEELING GOOD! when playing him! ^-^
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Old 02-07-2020   #23
Elyos03's Avatar

Originally Posted by Sharb View Post
think I found a bug with the slide move
Is that his equivalent to the perma-rolling glitch?
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Old 02-07-2020   #24

Nice mod. Some sprite look weird(even if way better than ugly renders of 2.1 version) mostly super one and controls are weird(understandable with the limited keys) but outside of that it's an interesting mod having potential. Also nice that even if ability are based on colors, sprite are still based of adventure which look better.
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Old 02-07-2020   #25
time gear
time gear's Avatar

Something that I thought about that would help out a lot would be after about a second of being in knockback frames, you gain the ability to jump out of it and try to save yourself with a double jump, homing attack, or boost. Would be really helpful in fights such as Brak Eggman and Fang, or similar situations.

Edit: I got a Sigsev error when homing attacking the long flying enemy in RVZ that drops bombs. Thought I should probably point it out. I have also experienced problems with some custom bosses breaking when hit by the homing attack.

Last edited by time gear; 02-07-2020 at 11:57 PM. Reason: Bug Report
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Old 02-08-2020   #26
Darkboy64's Avatar

Maybe the normal air dash could be added as a toggle for those who want closer to a Sonic Unleashed/Generations feel. Or at least the option to hold jump during a homing attack to retain your momentum so you don't have to lose all of your speed when using the homing attack

Last edited by Darkboy64; 02-08-2020 at 11:37 PM.
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Old 02-08-2020   #27

I'd also like the normal air dash, the airboost goes super far super fast, and it is not platforming conducive. The little air dash can be used for platforming, and you stop at the end of it's duration too.

Another thing is like you jump higher when jumping after stomping... if that's possible. Idk if that was in any Sonic game though.
I'd also like being able to jump right after a stomp, since you can do that in Generations / Unleashed... i'm pretty sure.
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Old 02-09-2020   #28
Radicalicious's Avatar

My one problem is a very small nitpick, but in the modern games he starts the map with full boost, and if he dies, then he starts with no boost.
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Old 02-09-2020   #29
MRoach's Avatar

Originally Posted by Lamibe View Post
Nice mod. Some sprite look weird(even if way better than ugly renders of 2.1 version) mostly super one and controls are weird(understandable with the limited keys) but outside of that it's an interesting mod having potential. Also nice that even if ability are based on colors, sprite are still based of adventure which look better.
They look weird because they are actually really old. I think I've seen it in 2.0.
I can't tell, but I can at least say it's not the first time I see these sprites.
"Chrispy: Special thanks to creating and letting me use your SonicCE. A lot of people dont seem to like it but it's one of the better old Modern Sonic's
in my opinion."
I didn't need to read this before hand, but I did and found out those are the sprites I were talking about from 2.0.X... Whatever, not everyone knows how to make sprites and those look pretty cool and only need some polishing for my liking.
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Last edited by MRoach; 02-09-2020 at 04:33 AM. Reason: *Cough cough* Adding more info about the scheme.
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Old 02-09-2020   #30

Wow, this is amazingly fun, though utterly breaks the game at times. It's also a testament to how difficult a Boost Sonic is to control in levels meant for a slower Sonic. Two observations:

-The double jump is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally weak. I dunno if that's intentional or not. Also, I wish there were a way to separate doublejumping and the homing attack as I cannot even begin to describe the amount of times I homing attacked some random thing instead of double-jumping. Unleashed did this and the justified critique led Sonic Team to give homing attacking its own dedicated button in every later game.

-I probably shouldn't tell you this, given how nice basically free energy is, but if you pop open a 10-ring monitor, your energy meter constantly increases until you get hit. You have effectively infinite boost energy until then. Unless this has to do with the natural energy recharge you mention?
Frostav is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 02-09-2020   #31

Sonic doesn't need a strongf double jump. And what are you even talking about with the homing attack being it's own button. This game does homing attack how literally every other game does this. The "complaint" was that Unleashed's homing attack button was the same as the "airboost" button, but that's COMPLETELY different from this, and generations, and every other game. As the homing attack button is the same as the "air-dash" button.
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Old 02-09-2020   #32
Pyro the Setsuna Fan
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Originally Posted by TrustyGun View Post
My favorite detail: the boost aura becomes orange when you have the elemental shield.
But not with the S3&K Flame Shield
O kurwa!
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Old 02-09-2020   #33
TehPuertoRicanSpartan's Avatar

Why is it using different HUD/GUI?
Originally Posted by Silver Sonic View Post
Rude. You could at least use the releases thread and cut the cursing...
Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
I agree with Silver on this one, could you please refrain from using cuss words?
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Old 02-09-2020   #34
Darkboy64's Avatar

Originally Posted by TehPuertoRicanSpartan View Post
Why is it using different HUD/GUI?
It's a part of the mod. Other characters still keep the normal hud. Tbh, it'd be pretty cool to have a version of the hud for other characters
Darkboy64 is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 02-09-2020   #35
TehPuertoRicanSpartan's Avatar

I want it with normal HUD instead.
Originally Posted by Silver Sonic View Post
Rude. You could at least use the releases thread and cut the cursing...
Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
I agree with Silver on this one, could you please refrain from using cuss words?
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Old 02-09-2020   #36
time gear
time gear's Avatar

Originally Posted by TehPuertoRicanSpartan View Post
Why is it using different HUD/GUI?
Because the custom HUD/GUI makes use of the character specific abilities, such as the boost and homing attack.
time gear is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 02-09-2020   #37

It also fits in and looks really good. Really nice HUD.
I think Modern's character select should have more of a pose, right now he's kinda just standing there, with a smile. Maybe have him wave/point his finger? And maybe him slightly face the side? just some ideas
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Spent about a couple hours doing a playthrough with this guy, and he's really fun. The abilities really allowed for some creative movement opportunities, and being able to fly up high in the air with a boost-jump or climbing up to grab a Knuckles specific emblem by walljumping was some of the most fun stuff I've done in this game yet. The footsteps and the HUD were also really nice touches that drove that Unleashed vibe home.

The homing attack halting your momentum whenever you used it did start annoying me, though. Maybe that's just because I saw a GIF of another Modern-ish Sonic on Twitter, but it would be so cool if I could preserve the momentum I get while doing a homing attack, especially when homing onto springs and such (although that might make it hard to control in the long run).

Also, I stumbled upon this in AC2 by accident, lol:
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I think straight up keeping all the momentum after a homing attack would make him too hard to control in tandem with every other feature, but having a small boost forward if you're holding a direction would be fine. It'd be accurate to Unleashed at the very least.
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Mafia? Zombies? Gold spork?
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That's actually a bug with SRB2 and not with ModernSonic. as for the homing attack coming to a stop after hitting a spring again, its an SRB2 bug as well. Though for enemies I don't get what the big deal is. It's like that in almost any game to feature the homing attack.
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Oh, THAT Youtuber...
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I suppose little to none of my scrapped wisps mod back in 2.1 helped out in this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you come to me for anything? Even if all I did was either help, give advice, did neither, or both.

Either way, I dunno if this'll give me any motivation to revive that old project, but at least we got something modern to play with! (man, SonicCE dates back to 2.0.6/7)
<Lat'> people thought moonjump and chaos control were OP
<Lat'> screw jump is the new meta
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