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ExAI - Extended Behavior for SP Bots Details »»
ExAI - Extended Behavior for SP Bots
Version: 2, by CobaltBW (Community Noise Maker) CobaltBW is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 12-27-2019 Last Update: 12-31-2019 Installs: 5
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ExAI is a small project of mine which expands on the behavior of single player bots to make the AI more intelligent and versatile.
  • Built from the same code used to create 2.2's standard AI.
  • All six vanilla characters now have AI custom-tailored to make use of their abilities. (Usable with botskin)
  • Optional: Bot is customized to engage in combat (enabled by default)
  • Various other tweaks and added quirks to give the AI a bit more personality.

Commands are as follows:
ai_sys - Turns on/off all ExAI script functionality.
ai_attack - Turns on/off AI aggression against enemies.
ai_seekdist - Distance to seek out enemies. Measured in fracunits.
ai_debug - Streams local variables and cmd info in the console.

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File Type: lua VL_ExAI-v2.lua (21.0 KB, 267 views)


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Name:	srb20247.gif
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ID:	24478  

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  • The author of this addon has given explicit permission for its content to be re-used and/or reproduced.

Old 2 Weeks Ago   #22
Community Noise Maker
CobaltBW's Avatar

Originally Posted by Sting the Cat View Post
Wasn't there a Heroes mod for 2.1 or something?
Rings a bell, but I wouldn't know anything about the specifics of it.

Originally Posted by Pyrakid Wolfo View Post
She does give me pity shield, but isn't that a bit broken? I mean, I literally can't take damage. Seems OP.
This mod is more of a demonstration on how to create intelligent AI for SRB2. Game balance wasn't exactly the top of my concerns. :p

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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #23
Pyrakid Wolfo

There was a heroes mod, not compatible with 2.2 tho its in archived
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Old 1 Week Ago   #24
Pyrakid Wolfo

Eh I think it should be balanced, for casual fun! What else is this mod for? What is this mod for?z
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Old 3 Days Ago   #25
NAR the Fox
NAR the Fox's Avatar

Switching on the fly just works and I love it.

I even love how Fang just stays far away for his pop gun to work. So when you have to switch to Tails in a situation where you're surrounded by enemies, he'll kill those enemies for you and then return to you so you can fly.
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Name:	srb20119.gif
Views:	62
Size:	2.65 MB
ID:	25538  
You can just call me "NARbluebear"
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4:3 will get ported to 2.2, so keep an eye out!
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