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Chengi's Track Attack Pack (kr_CTAP) v5.0 [updated 6/24/2020] Details »»
Chengi's Track Attack Pack (kr_CTAP) v5.0 [updated 6/24/2020]
Version: 4.1, by Chengi (I like your attitude!) Chengi is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2020

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (12 votes - 4.58 average)
Released: 06-24-2019 Last Update: 03-19-2020 Installs: 7
Single Player Levels Multiplayer Levels

Introducing C.T.A.P! (Pronounced see-tap, or si-tappu) A collection of levels I've put together for your SRB2 kart racing pleasure!

NOTE: On account of current obligations, I am becoming increasingly more preoccupied with other work to continue making frequent patches for C.T.A.P. They will likely still happen, but expect there to be long periods of time without any updates. Apologies in advance.



Obsidian Oasis Zone (Race)

Laps: 3

What was once a lush, radiant spring becomes murky, dilapidated wreckage in the midst of a storm. A multitude of different-colored geodes light up the path as the player drives through.

Shuffle Square Zone (Race)

Laps: 4

Venture fourth into the upbeat urban environment that is Shuffle Square. This city has a rhythm that keeps its residents hopping around to the beat of the music -- pretty soon, you'll be in the groove, too!

Vermilion Vessel Zone (Race)

Difficulty: ★
Laps: 3

Board Dr. Eggman's treacherous vessel for the race of a lifetime! The constant turbulence from the ventilation system might make you feel as light as a feather, so drive cautiously or you might just end up falling into the sky below! ...Although I bet if you were skilled enough you could use those fans to show off.

Avant Acropolis Zone (Race)

Laps: 3

The successor to Avant Garden, making its long-awaited return in the form of Avant Acropolis Zone! A gigantic kingdom soars throughout the heavens above. With gigantic flowers and pristine gardens, this floating wonder is a dream come true.

765 Stadium Zone (Race)


If you upload footage of this track to youtube, you might want to swap out the audio if you don't want a content claim from Columbia Music Entertainment.

(warning: painfully anime)
"oh god chengi what have you done what is this music i can't understand what they're saying but this track slaps" -- average certified testimonial

Laps: 3

The final frontier. No Items. Idols Only. 765 Stadium...

Are you READY?

(don't worry there are actually items I promise)

Sketchberry Spring Zone (Race)

Laps: 4

Step into the colorful vista that is Sketchberry Spring. If you don't already have a smile on your face from the charming visuals and upbeat soundtrack, you'll have one after you have some good-old-fashioned summer fun hopping across the various rivers scattered throughout the course.


Special thanks to SoupBowler, Eldog, and roy for getting a lot of this stuff to work.
Sketchberry Spring:
  • Added.
General Fixes:

765 Stadium Zone:

  • Removed the unnecessary death pit at the start of the map.
Shuffle Square Zone:
  • Adjusted the first cut so that lower-speed characters can make the gap.
  • Removed turnstile setpiece to help the start of the multiple paths feel more spacious.
  • Overall directioning improvements.
  • Changed lap count to 4.
Avant Acropolis Zone:
  • Changed lap count to 3.
Vermilion Vessel Zone:
  • Increased friction to first ramp cut (again).

Download Now

File Type: pk3 kr_CTAP_v2-00.pk3 (6.55 MB, 171 views)
File Type: pk3 kr_CTAP_v2-01.pk3 (6.56 MB, 213 views)
File Type: pk3 kr_CTAP_v2-02.pk3 (6.57 MB, 225 views)
File Type: pk3 kr_CTAP_v2-11.pk3 (6.57 MB, 141 views)
File Type: pk3 kr_CTAP_v2-22.pk3 (6.73 MB, 403 views)
File Type: pk3 kr_CTAP_v3-00a.pk3 (8.24 MB, 211 views)
File Type: pk3 kr_CTAP_v3-01.pk3 (8.24 MB, 1069 views)
File Type: pk3 kr_CTAP_v4.0.pk3 (10.33 MB, 400 views)
File Type: pk3 kr_CTAP_v4.1.pk3 (10.37 MB, 771 views)
File Type: pk3 kr_CTAP-v5.0.pk3 (11.73 MB, 289 views)


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Old 05-15-2020   #22

The checkpoints and waypoints in Obsidian Oasis Zone are a bit messed up.

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Old 05-15-2020   #23
Claudiadoe's Avatar

Since someone suggested it to me, i thought i might compile a bunch of thoughts and complaints about this pack's maps and some other things!
starting with, obisdian oasis: the newly added lily pad shortcut is way, waaay too powerful for how easy to access and free of risk it is, so much so that just running through it without using a sneaker to cut the offroad is faster than the normal route, fixing this would take a lot of effort i'd imagine so i'd just suggest bringing it back to what it was in versions before this

like ne_gamer pointed out, the waypoints in this map did get really messed up in the latest version, i'd often get sneakers and triple sneakers in first place because of this, this is something that really needs to be fixed

otherwise, i have no real complaints, while the map can be a bit on the shorter side, it's really chaotic, well designed and just fun to blitz through, i like this map a lot!

shuffle square: this is the map where i start noticing something, you don't often go back to maps that aren't obsidian oasis for fixes and the such, which i find a bit odd, anyway, here's my critique of it

you can easily lawnmower this cut and reach the other side of the u cut without sneakers, it's a fair bit faster as well! and with a map this short, this is a really huge advantage

minimized players still can't make it through this jump

the map is just generally way, WAY too short, first place being able to finish in 1:10 (if not less) in a netgame is pretty ridiculous, you should really increase the lap count by 1, if not 2 laps, otherwise, this is another map that i really like, really aesthetically pleasing, really fun to play, and the music is top notch

vermillion vessil: the hardspeed sneakers option in kart_mp makes it so you can do this, this, is extremely powerful and can make someone go from 7th place to 1st from my experience with a single sneaker, you might want to fix this considering the majority of servers that run your pack also run hard sneakers

other than how short this map can be, again, it can use an extra lap, i have no other issues with it, just a generally solid and excellent map, i like it a lot

avant acropolis: this map i don't really enjoy playing on, it's designed really greatly and is fun to play, it's music is a really great pick, and it's aesthetics are great because i really love most everything NiGHTS, but the shortcuts really handicap it, there're a lot of shortcuts in this map, all of them really powerful, to the point where it's really not uncommon to see people sandbagging at the start to get rocket sneakers or triple sneakers to take all the cuts in the map and be a solid 30 seconds ahead of everyone, if not moreso considering how kart is, with people the people in the back hitting each other and all, that's the only issue i have with this map but it's a really bad one

765 studios: i have nothing to complain about here, this is a pretty great map if a bit on the generic side
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Old 05-25-2020   #24
Lightsideluc's Avatar

All of these tracks are, visually speaking, a treat. In general they flow quite well and the focus on multiple paths is really cool. 765, Avant, and Shuffle are all personal favourite tracks, not just for racing but also SPB Rush and Wipezones (even did Expert SPB on 765 ;P ).

That said, the multiple paths don't always work. Shuffle Square's last stretch has a series of red spring jumps that supposedly link each other, but the simple fact of the matter is that nailing these is quite difficult and I'm quite certain slower than just taking the inside corner. I spent a lot of time when the track first came out experimenting with them and was disappointed to find they just weren't rewarding to do in terms of time-saving, stylish as they may be.

Much the same extends to Vermillion, with the added detractor that it often just doesn't feel like some of the alt paths work consistently. It's a great track otherwise, it's just a shame to see all these tempting offroad sections not really offer much (IMO).

As a side note, both Vermillion and Shuffle feel like they could use a fourth lap. I can finish Shuffle without using shoe cuts (I do miniturbo the ramp at the start) in under 1:20, and Vermillion in under 1:30

One last note, is Avant Garden Zone also made by you? It certainly shares your stamp of multiple paths and excellent visual design.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #25
Katmint's Avatar

This cut doesn't work for characters under 5 speed. 4 speeds occasionally fail the jump while 3 speed and under always fail it.

Also, this particular section of Shuffle Square is impossible to read. You don't see the offroad coming until you're practically on top of it.

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Name:	kart0002.gif
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Size:	3.70 MB
ID:	33497   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0001.gif
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Old 1 Week Ago   #26
I like your attitude!
Chengi's Avatar

Updated to v5.0.
Sketchberry Spring:
  • Added.
General Fixes:

765 Stadium Zone:

  • Removed the unnecessary death pit at the start of the map.
Shuffle Square Zone:
  • Adjusted the first cut so that lower-speed characters can make the gap.
  • Removed turnstile setpiece to help the start of the multiple paths feel more spacious.
  • Overall directioning improvements.
  • Changed lap count to 4.
Avant Acropolis Zone:
  • Changed lap count to 3.
Vermilion Vessel Zone:
  • Increased friction to first ramp cut (again).
And about the AAZ cut: I only became aware of this as I was updating the pack, but I'll try to fix that as soon as I possibly can.

Also, this is mostly in response to Claudia's post, but because it's brought up very frequently I feel it's my duty to address, it.

Shuffle and Obsidian are by far some of the most problematic maps in my pack. The unfortunate thing is that because they're heavily set in stuff like sector scenery and complicated setups, meaning they are maps that are difficult to tweak. They're some of the earliest maps I've made and I did not have a good sense of closed-circuit course design and how it works within the constraints of Zone Builder.

The fact of the matter is, my involvement in other projects often means that these maps don't get the polish that my later maps do. It's difficult to refurbish something that's held together only by the level design equivalent of duct tape and glue over several months worth of patches. And because this is a multiplayer-centric game, yes: that means that these maps are in need of these tweaks in order to keep them on par with the quality of the other maps, but making the time for that is a completely seperate story.

Yet, I am not going to use those as excuses because I am aware that they are glaring flaws that need to be addressed. I am absolutely willing to take the maps in question out of the pack temporarily so that they can be given the time to sit in the oven until the kinks have all been ironed out. But I am going to leave that up to the community.

Either way, I don't want to make that sound like I'm not thankful for the advice that's been passed along over the months that this pack has been running in public servers. I absolutely am. Your continued critique is greatly appreciated. I only hope that I can make these maps as good as the others. Thank you for your patience.

Last edited by Chengi; 1 Week Ago at 09:01 PM.
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Old 1 Week Ago   #27
Sunnyside's Avatar

If the question is on the table I'd rather the maps stay in. I'll admit I don't know much about course design. However, regardless of balance issues my friends and I think these are some of the most fun tracks in the game. Avant Acropolis and Shuffle Square especially. Seems like every time they pop up it's a near unanimous vote.

That's not to discount any criticism though. If it bothers enough people maybe the problematic courses could be made available in a separate file. I'm happy as long as I can keep them all in my rotation.
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Old 1 Week Ago   #28
i am bored
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Default sketchberry spring bug

i think this spot should be a death pit
"how to unzip a wadzip"
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