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This gamemode.. Doesn't work with more than two people. I tried to host this earlier with a server size of about 7.
Whenever one person on blue dies, the entire game ends for everyone, going right to intermission.
It seems completely random being able to change teams.. And even then, doing so seems to, end the game for everyone too.
These two options are, immensely lethal for playing in groups more than four.
However, personally I don't think this, works with how it's set up. That sounds confusing, right, so let me explain.

Abilities are immensely overpowered, being able to skip nearly, all the level. This cooldown thing doesn't seem to, do anything from what I've attempted but even if it did, I personally don't think it'd be fair for Blue Team, since the whole things is that you have 1 life and no power, making it an incredibly tough challenge, which, at least in my opinion, is the point.
Team Balancing, it really has to go. Having more balanced out teams is, a big no for this mode. It can make it, incredibly unfun for Red Team as now many players will, just not have anything to do. Perhaps 12-1 Blue - Red?
The (As of the time of posting, only) Map included.. Feels a bit short, and somewhat confusing. Most of it can just be skipped over using Gliding or Floating, etc. The map seems it would end quickly, regardless of if one person died or not. And the ending..? I did not understand the ending, at all. From what I assume.. Red team would have to push a button to allow Blue Team to win? But if that's so, why? Couldn't Red just stall out the timer and then avoid a loss as a result? Some traps also have the chance to break or never work again or, sometimes work again? The falling one with two buttons, couldn't you just keep the platform down and not respawn it? If you want an effect to be reusable more, reliably, I suggest using a fof as the button instead, having it lower past the floor and then rise back up after a delay.

I do believe these problems are, holding it back from being, playable. Which, sucks, Deathrun is an incredibly fun mode when done right, and was one of my favourite modes back in my TF2 days. It seems harsh of me to just type so much about, why it doesn't work. But trust me when I say that, this comes from passion to see SRB2 deathrun become, something as incredibly fun as TF2, which although it is unfair to compare the games because they're, very different, speaking from experience of the dumb messes that I've made, I think it's definitely possible to make this, amazing. But as for now, unfortunately, it's broken.

I hope to see this mode improve. And, apologies if this post seems messy.
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