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Originally Posted by Zwip-Zwap Zapony View Post
For some reaon, when I select multiple vertices, right-click one, and type a number for X or Y prefixed by ++ or --, all vertices will think of their "base" X or Y as the X/Y of the first-selected vertice.

As in, typing ++[number] in the X position field will make all selected vertices snap to the X position of the first-selected vertice, while the first-selected vertice will get the expected X position. Same goes for Y. But if you only type for X, the vertices will still maintain their own Y, and vice-versa.
Yep, seems like this is a bug I retained from GZDB. I'll fix it for the next release.

Originally Posted by glaber View Post
I've noticed there's no way to select the default map textures. Unless I'm missing something the current defaults are a road floor from Dark city, caution tape for the celing, and a black wall
The default textures can be set for each map individually. The options for them are on the sidebar to the right, under "Draw Settings". Admittedly the global defaults don't make much sense - if no defaults are set in the config, Zone Builder picks the first flat whose name begins with "FLOOR" for the floor and the first one with "CEIL" for the ceiling. That made sense for Doom, but obviously not for SRB2. For the next release, I've added more sensible defaults to the configuration file (see here).
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